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Cryptocurrency market prices are currently crashing. Critical Crypto shares ten reasons he is still bullish on cryptocurrency in both the short term and the long term.

The first reasons Critical Crypto is still highly optimistic regarding the crypto market is due to the fact that crypto usage adoption rate is dwarfing that of the internet over the same timeframe. Macro investor Raoul Pal the CEO and co founder of Real Vision posted this on his Twitter.

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Crypto Winter Unlikely As ‘Astonishing’ User Growth Dwarfs Internet Adoption Rate: Macro Guru Raoul Pal

The second reasons Critical Crypto is still bullish on Cryptocurrency is because the total valuation of the cryptocurrency asset class is far less than many other similar asset classes indicating there is still tremendous room for growth and more money to be invested in the asset class.

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The third reason Critical Crypto is in a positive state about the crypto market is because there are multiple investment firms that have been looking into and investing into cryptocurrency and crypto projects.

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Gaming, Gambling and the metaverse are the next three reasons that critical crypto is enthusiastic about crypto in the near and long term. All three of these different points have unique ways to unlock crypto. Casino Coin is a project that is working to tackle all three and is looking like they are going to make a dent in the regulated gaming industry. Mark Robson the Casino Coin CEO said in an interview with Digital Perspectives that he does think that Casino Coin will eventually be used in brick and mortor casinos and also in their online metaverse they are creating for regulated casinos to utilize.

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Two more reasons Critical Crypto discusses in the video that he is optimistic about crypto is because governments are working on proactive regulation for the industry and they are also looking for ways to use the technology. Banks are also looking to use the technology due to the fact it is much faster and more transparent.

The final reason discussed in the video is the fact that many highly reputed analysts and crypto veterans are optimistic on crypto in the very near term because they are on the lookout for an alt coin season. Most crypto gurus are also in agreeance that crypto is here to stay and in the very long term has nothing but a positive outlook. One specific crypto analyst that Critical Crypto likes to follow is the Blockchain Backer.

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