Press Release

10K USD $DAR GIVEAWAY CAMPAIGN – Mines of Dalarnia x Salad Ventures

🤑🤑Are you ready to dig deep into Dalarnia for 10K USD worth of 💲DAR??

Delve into the darkness within the Mines of Dalarnia and brave the terrible monsters!

🥗Salad Ventures & Mines of Dalarnia are delighted to announce –
The Version 1.0 Testnet Mines of Dalarnia Competition!

Over $10,000 USD Worth of $DAR will be given away to the Miners with the HIGHEST amounts of the Premium 4 Minerals (Atlas Stone, Void Pearl, Prisminium & Frozen Magmatite)

🥇$2500 worth of $DAR
🥈$2000 worth of $DAR
🥉$1500 worth of $DAR
4th: $1000 worth of $DAR
5th: $500 worth of $DAR
6th: $250 worth of $DAR
7th: $150 worth of $DAR
8th: $150 worth of $DAR
9th: $100 worth of $DAR
10th: $100 worth of $DAR
11th to 45th: $50 worth of $DAR each.

Winners will be contacted post-event for their Wallet Address details for the $DAR drop.
HODL on tight to your $DAR as this campaign will be building up towards the launch of the Version 2.0 Testnet and the eventual Mainnet Game!

⚠️How to join?🚨

⭐️1) Get certified with Salad Academy today and dig into the Mines of Dalarnia Testnet to start practicing!

Mines of Dalarnia Basic Tutorial

*If you’ve already finished this course, there’s no need to retake the course

⭐️2) Tweeting your course certification NFT and tagging Mines of Dalarnia and Salad Ventures along with 2 other friends
[email protected]
[email protected]

⭐️3) Follow and Join Salad Ventures’ and Mines of Dalarnia’s Social Media Platforms:

+ Follow Twitter accounts for both Mines of Dalarnia and Salad Ventures
MoD :

+ Discord links for both Mines of Dalarnia and Apollo Squad
Apollo Squad:

+ Join the Telegram chats for both Mines of Dalarnia and Salad Ventures Official

+ Subscribe to the YouTube channels for both Mines of Dalarnia and Salad Ventures

⭐️4) We’ll then need the following details ⬇️
1️⃣ Name:
2️⃣ Discord ID:
3️⃣ Receive Token Address (New Account):
4️⃣ Inventory and Transaction History (Screenshots):
5️⃣ Proof of following the Social Medias
6️⃣ Proof of Mines of Dalarnia Basics Certificate

⚠️ Please fill up this Google form: ⚠️

And message @Ralph | CM, our Community Manager at Apollo Squad for confirmation 🙂
(The Receive Wallet Address will be used for dispersion of $DAR for the competition)

👉 Each participant would first need to follow ALL of Salad Ventures and MoD’s socials
👉 Each participant would then need to get certified with the MoD Basic Tutorial on Salad.Academy
👉 Each participant will have to start a new account and provide Receive Token Address to CM
👉 Submit proof of completion to be eligible for the Raffle
👉 All eligible entries will then be raffled in to be part of the official competition
👉 Receive 200 Testnet Dar from Community Managers on competition day
👉 Upgrading your Equipment to S is not a requirement
👉 We will simply check balance of Premium 4 Minerals once Campaign is over
👉 Participants can collect the one time 20 free DAR for a new account and the daily 2 DAR
👉 Transaction History can be verified by MoD team to ensure no cheating
👉 No sending of minerals or DAR from external accounts, doing so will result in a DQ
👉 No leveling up of Equipment prior to competition and hiding Minerals earned in another account
(Transaction History should ONLY include the deposit of 200 Testnet DAR from our Community Manager)

👀 We will be monitoring all participants very closely, if you don’t follow the steps or procedures mentioned above, it will result in an automatic disqualification from the campaign competition 🔨

The application window will close on Monday, January 24, 2022, Midnight CET (7:00 AM SGT)

⛏The participants will be chosen randomly (Maximum Participants: 100)
⛏The drafting of participants will be held here in our Discord Server (Apollo Squad) via the “Live Raffle” on January 25, 2022, Tuesday
(Timing to be confirmed, the raffle will be recorded and uploaded onto YT)

👉 Day #1 of the competition will be on Wednesday 26 Jan 7:00AM CET (2:00PM SGT)
👉 End of the competition will be on Monday 7 Feb Midnight CET (7am SGT)
👉 You have to submit a screenshot of the total amount of Premium 4 Minerals you have earned by Monday 7 Feb Midnight CET (7:00am SGT) via a Google Form
👉 Verification of top winners Tuesday 8 Feb
👉 Announcement of winners Wednesday 9 Feb