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40 Years of Computer History – Commodore, Apple, Atari, & More, Ft. AkBKukU | LTX 2019

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In this video, we walk through 40 years of PC history at LTX 2019, from the Commodore PET and Apple II to DOOM.
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This video was filmed at Linus Tech Expo 2019 (LTX 19), where we met up with AkBKukU, linked below, to walk-through decades of computer hardware. Some of the calculators we looked at are an excellent anagram for modern CPUs and were made in the 1950s, with more traditional computer systems popping-up in the 70s and 80s. We look at the Apple Sunflower, Comomdore and Atari systems, RadioShack’s early computer offerings, initial renditions of Windows, early gaming PCs, and a whole lot more.

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Host: Steve Burke
Guest: AkBKukU
Video: Keegan Gallick

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