8 Common Bitcoin Scams

This video is about the 8 Common Bitcoin Scams. There has been an increase in the number of scams involving using the internet to make money. These are all going to be scams no matter what happens as long as people keep their eyes open and do the necessary research before falling victim to them. The main thing you need to know is that not everyone knows what bitcoins are or where to find where to get bitcoins from. One of the biggest mistakes that many people make is they do not have any idea how the whole thing works. There are eight things that you should know if you want to avoid getting scammed and making some serious losses.

Eight Facts about 8 common bitcoins scams include Private Labels, Signature, Non-Profit, Non-Disclosure, eBay Pays, Flipping Websites, and Platform Applications. These are just some of the most common scams out there that people fall for each day. These are all scams that can cost you hundreds of dollars and in some cases even thousands. Here is information on each of these scams.

Private Label – This is one of the biggest scams out there. You basically take someone else’s idea and sell it as your own. You will put in the content on an auction site and try to get someone to pay you for it. You will also put in your own comments about the product which is supposed to make it look like you are knowledgeable about the product. When the product gets sold you get the money but you didn’t really do any of the work. This is a big one because you are essentially paying two people for the same work.

Signature – This is a type of transaction where you create an account with someone online and add someone else as a friend. When you send them an email link to a product download you are automatically adding them to your friend’s list and making them available to receive information from you. While this might seem like a good way of making money you must be careful because many times this doesn’t actually happen. Many times if you pay for a product and your friend didn’t buy it and you don’t get paid, you can sue them because they did not give you permission to send the email.

False Information – There is a lot of false information out there about the number of scams in China that has been growing. While the government has been releasing statements saying that there aren’t any major scams happening that many people still believe this. The number of bitcoins being stolen from customers has been growing and is now up to 5 billion dollars. While it is true that the number of transactions done by consumers in China has increased the growth of scams has not. Because of this, it is essential that when you make a transaction always make sure that you have proper customer care contact details.

8 Common Bitcoin Scams – Most people that become involved in the buying and selling of bitcoins fall victim to the most common ones of the eight. This is called the middleman. While the middleman is legitimate, there are a number of reasons why he would be making a profit. Although there isn’t a reason why you should think that the Chinese government is behind this particular scam, it is something that you should think about.

The number of bitcoins that are being used is increasing on an everyday basis. Although this seems like a good thing there are a number of people that want to cash out their stash of these into dollars. A lot of the time a person will contact you and let you know that they have a large number of bitcoins available for you to sell. One of the main things to keep in mind is the fact that if you are ever asked to send or transfer any of your money that you make sure that you check the correct email address or proper customer care contact details. If you are ever asked to send any of your money through a third party, then make sure you are able to identify them and report them to the appropriate authorities.

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