A BULLISH SIGNAL during the crisis: DeFi, Aavee, Uniswap and a new dawn

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While the market is dumping and everyone is losing money, there is a piece of good news that makes us hope for a brighter future. Aavee, Compound, Maker Dao, Uniswap, Dydx are all DeFi protocols that are performing well despite this crisis.

Historical Data: https://coinmarketcap.com/historical/20180114/
Dydx: https://trade.dydx.exchange/portfolio/overview
Uniswap trading volume: https://tokenterminal.com/terminal/projects/uniswap
Abracadabra Statement: https://abracadabramoney.medium.com/abracadabra-addresses-insolvency-claims-364eb3313812
DeFi Llama: https://defillama.com/
Wallet under liquidation: https://debank.com/profile/0x4093fbe60ab50ab79a5bd32fa2adec255372f80e
Nansen Ai: https://pro.nansen.ai/

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00:00 A new hope, good signals, how Defi will evolve
01:14 Ethereum and Bitcoin are bleeding
01:43 In my opinion, a transition phase
02:07 On the other side, a new path for the future
02:36 DeFi
03:14 The best thing to do in this market phase
03:53 What we wanna learn at this moment: how the market will evolve, Defi is here to stay or not?
04:41 What is powerful by Defi
05:15 What is interesting in this case
05:42 DeBank. The list of the different wallets that is deposited inside each protocol
05:53 One of the most hype and talked wallets, Aave
06:50 The reason why I’m showing it
09:23 Abracadabra
10:12 A bad debt
10:47 The reason why I’m showing you this announcement
11:34 Suggestions, be aware of the risk
12:21 A couple of data
12:52 What is going on in the Defi space
15:46 Conclusion