Adding Custom Tokens to MetaMask (MATIC Network) and Using MATIC Bridge

This video is a walk through on how to add custom tokens like AGA, AGAr, and QUICK to your MetaMask Wallet connected to the Polygon (MATIC) network. This video also shows how to use the MATIC bridge in order to move token from Ethereum to Polygon and vise versa. You can also find a text version with the Medium link below.


AGA combines DeFi with Bitcoin mining.
Simply put, Bitcoin and Liquidity Mining profits are used to pay monthly rewards and buy-back AGA token. This allows for a fixed supply non-inflationary token that offers a very high predictable monthly income and an opportunity for price appreciation. An invitation to the Governance board is given to stakeholders of 10,000 or more AGA or 5,000 AGA in one of our Liquidity Pools.

AGA is designed to increase exponentially in value when Bitcoin’s price increases. In addition, for the times when Bitcoin’s price is stable, AGA offers high APY rewards through Liquidity Pool Bonus Rewards.

AGA is mining backed yield farming and staking DeFi governance token with bonus HODL rewards. Liquidity providers get yield and bonus rewards, stakers lockup tokens and receive staking rewards, and holders can sleep well knowing mining revenue will be used to buy back AGA off the open market. Something for everyone.

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