Advocacy & Activation: How Artists Imagine and Realize the Tools for Creating Our Collective Future

Jonathan McCrory, performer, producer and Executive Artistic Director of the National Black Theatre, joined Marla Robertson, performer, choreographer, and dancer to discuss how arts organizations and artists work together in the space of interrogation, experimentation, advocacy and activation for and with the communities they intend to empower.

Born of ABC/Rising Tides Research Institutes’ 10-month long ethnographic research study on artists and arts businesses in the time of COVID, the ‘A Better Conversation’ speaker series invites research partners and community stakeholders to engage in strategic conversations on topics such as:
– Arts Activism: Expanding Black and Latinx representation in the public sphere
– Economics, land management and the public sphere
– Monetization and issues of control of cultural property
– the Federal budget’s relationship to NYC arts revenue
– Leveraging assets and resources for community-centered outcomes and operations management

These conversations occur via Zoom and are uploaded to ABC’s social media platforms including Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.