AIM Global or Alliance in Motion Global Review 2021: Legit or Scam?

Is AIM Global (Alliance in Motion Global) legit or scam? Read this review and find out.

Let’s get straight to the point. According to a 15-year study led by Jon M. Taylor, 99% of people who join a recruitment-driven Multi-Level Marketing company lose money.

That is not a myth. The numbers don’t lie.

Chapter 7 of the book titled The Case (for and) against Multi-level Marketing says in part;

Our studies, along with those done by other independent analysts (not connected to the MLM industry), clearly prove that MLM as a business model – with its endless chain of recruitment of participants as primary customers – is flawed, unfair, and deceptive.

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) published Taylor’s work on their site. So, check that out.

Is Alliance in Motion Global an exception to the rule? Can it turn ordinary individuals into extraordinary millionaires? Is AIM Global a pyramid scam?

AIM Global Review

To provide a convincing conclusion, we scanned the web, watched hundreds of videos, and analyzed various social media posts. Also, we printed and examined the company’s 2015 and 2014 Financial Statements.

Moreover, we compare AIM Global products to similar goods available in the market at a lower price.

This detailed review is long. Please use the table of contents to navigate to subsections.

Company Profile

Operating for more than a decade, AIM Global is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company.  Its office address is at Unit 301, 319, 320 AIC Burgundy Empire Tower, Corners Garnet and Sapphire Streets, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines 1600.

Eduardo Cabantog, John Asperin, and Francis Miguel are the founders of AIM Global.

Alliance in Motion Global, Inc. was registered in the Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission in 2005. The Corporation claims itself as the leading MLM and Direct Selling enterprise with over 5 million distributors across the globe.

Alliance in Motion Global 5 million distributors

AIM has more than 100 Business Center Offices in major cities in the Philippines. The firm says it has international offices in Singapore, Taiwan, Brunei, Hawaii, Dubai, Kuwait, Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Kenya, Uganda, Pakistan, and Papua New Guinea.

In its SEC filings, AIM Global reported approximately 1.2 billion and 1.4 billion pesos in sales for the years 20014 and 2015 respectively. Net profit margins were 3.40% and 3.59% during those years.

Alliance in Motion Financial Statements

Note: We do not have a copy of its financial statements for the years 2016 and 2017. These files were not uploaded yet in SEC i-View database. However, anyone can request a copy of these reports via SEC Express System.


AIM Global sells food supplements, beverages, and beauty products. According to its official website, the company has partnered with Nature’s Way, Weider, and DSM to produce their inventories.

Below are AIM Global products classified into four main categories and their corresponding prices in Philippine Peso. The product descriptions are taken from their official web page and Usapang Aim YouTube Channel.

Warning: The product descriptions are not medical advice. We only quoted how AIM Global describes its products because these will be part of our analysis of the succeeding sections.

We also include the prices and some of the ingredients since we will compare these to similar products available in the market.

Nutritional Support

  • C24/7

The suggested retail price of this AIM Global product is Php1,320 while the distributors’ price is Php990. This supplement is the company’s flagship product.

AIM Global considers this as one of the most nutritionally dense food supplements in the world market today. It contains approximately 22, 000 phytonutrients in every capsule.

According to the company, this product provides cellular protection, longevity, nourishment, energizer, and enhancement. What’s even more interesting is that this food supplement provides cardio and cancer protection.

  • Complete Phyto-Energizer

The retail price is Php1,250 while the distributors’ price is Php930. It is a lower version of C24/7 minus the anti-aging. It is said the pregnant women and people aged 18 years old and below can take the supplement.

  • Choleduz Omega Supreme

It’s a dietary supplement in a soft gel form that contains Fish Oil plus Vitamin E that are essential in reducing the body’s bad cholesterol. The retail price is at Php880 while the distributors’ price is Php660.

  • Kiddi 24/7 NutraGummies

This food supplement is for kids. It includes 14 essential vitamins, minerals, and 26 fruits and vegetables in a gummy form that kids will surely love.

This AIM Global product does not contain gelatin, yeast, wheat, dairy, gluten, eggs, peanuts, artificial flavors, preservatives, or allergens. Kiddi 24/7 SRP is Php1,100 while distributors can have it for Php750.

  •  RestorLyf Longevity Formula

This product is a blend of extracts from grape seed, Japanese knotweed, and red wine powder. It has an anti-aging formula.

The supplement can also be used for people with diabetes because it lowers blood sugar.  RestorLyf is selling at Php1,700 at retail while distributors can have it for Php1,250.

  • Vida Maxx

This food supplement has resVida and FruitFlow. ResVida dilates arteries.

FruitFlow, a tomato-based ingredient helps maintain normal platelet aggregation, which contributes to healthy blood flow. This product is selling at retail for Php1,900. Distributors can have it for Php1,350.

  • Burn Slim

It’s a unique blend of L-Carnitine, Garcinia Cambogia, and Green Tea Extract. The products cost Php1,200 at retail and Php880 if you are a distributor.

Burn Slim tablets are said to suppress appetite, increase metabolism, and burn excess fat.

Functional Beverages

  • My Choco

The suggested retail price of this AIM Global product is Php440 while the distributor’s price is Php330. It contains premium cocoa blend, milk, sugar, alive! mega- nutritionals and DHA powder.

  •  Burn Shake

The Burn Meal Replace Shake contains high protein ingredients that help shake off hunger and other ingredients instrumental in weight loss. These ingredients include HCA, L-Carnitine, Aloe Vera Gel, Green Tea Extract, Green Coffee Bean Extract, and Guarana.

The suggested retail price of this product is Php1,300 while a distributor can buy it at Php950.

  • Vida Drink Mix

This drink mix contains resVida and quality carotenoid lycopene to keep your heart in shape. SRP is Php860 while the distributor’s price is Php430.

  • Liven Coffee

AIM Global claims that Liven Coffee is the world’s first alkaline coffee. Due to its 16,000 phytonutrients and 131 natural ingredients, this coffee can provide lots of health benefits.

This product is said to be fortified with Complete Phyto-Energizer. The coffee is available for Php390 at retail. If you are a member of AIM Global you can buy it at Php290.

  • BURN Mate Iced Tea

According to AIM Global, this product contains Finomate™, a green mate extract with shown effects on weight and body fat reduction. The retail price of this tea is Php1,100. Distributors can buy it at Php770.

Nutritional CosmeCeuticals

  • Whitelight

It’s a Glutathione sublingual spray that contains 2,500 mg glutathione, and 1000 mg Vitamin C. The Suggested retail price is Php2,100 while the cost to distributors is Php1,570.

  • Perfect White

Retailing for Php1,650, the active ingredient of AIM Global product is Cysteine Peptide. A member can buy it for Php1,250.


  • Naturacentials Deep Cleansing & Whitening Bar

 This product contains Naturacentials Deep Cleansing & Whitening Bar. The SRP is Php200 while DP is Php150.

  •  Naturacentials Natural Feminine Wash

This feminine wash is said to contain a negative ion. Buy it for Php250 if you are a member and sell it at a retail price of Php350.

  • Naturacentials Natural Masculine Wash

This AIM Global product contains negative ion. Currently sells at a retail price of Php350. Distributors buy it for Php250.

  • Naturacentials Herbal Toothpaste

Buy it for Php200. If you are a distributor, it only cost you Php150. The company says this toothpaste is enriched with 16,000 phytonutrients from Complete Phyto-Energizer.

Newest AIM Global Products

Below are the company’s latest products with unique product descriptions.

  • Ener-Chi Diffuser. SRP is Php380 while DP is Php200.
Ener-Chi Diffuser
  • Ener-Chi Pendant. Retails price is Php6,800 while distributors can buy it for Php3,800.
Ener Chi Pendant
  • Nu UH2. The distributors price is Php10,800 while SRP is Php18,800.
AIM Global Nu uH2
  • Ultra H2. Suggested retail price is Php38,800 while DP is Php25,800.

Marketing Plan

BusinessDictionary defines marketing as a management process through which goods and services move from concept to the customer. It involves the coordination of the four elements called the 4 Ps of marketing:

  • identification, selection, and development of a product,
  • determination of its price,
  • selection of a distribution channel to reach the customer’s place, and
  • the development and implementation of a promotional strategy.

A marketing plan, according to Investopedia, is a business’s operational document for outreach and advertising to generate leads and reach its target market. A marketing plan pulls together all the campaigns that will be undertaken over a period with additional information on how they will be measured and monitored.

It puzzles us why Alliance in Motion Global considers the video below as a marketing plan. The presentation talks on how to earn millions out of Php6,980.

The video above is not a marketing plan. Instead, it’s a presentation that sells the idea of becoming rich to potential members.

Compensation Plan

To be a member of AIM Global, you need to buy a global package worth Php6,980. The different packages include various products that can be sold at retail.

The company claims that the value of each package is higher than the price paid by the member. Thus, they argue that you already have a return of your investment upon buying the kit.

You can make money in this MLM company in various ways as explained below.

Retail Profit

Upon buying any of their global packages, you will become a distributor. The package entitles you to 25-50% on all products. You can sell the items at a higher price which should not be below the suggested retail price.

Direct Referral Bonus

You earn Php500 in every person you recruited who bought the global package.

Matching Sales Bonus

Matching Sales Bonus or Paring Bonus is a binary system. To earn Php1,000, you will recruit two people and put them in your left and right sales team.

You will earn Php1,000 once these people under your group invite others to join on their left and right sides. There is no limit as to the level’s deep, but the paring bonus is limited to 32 matches per day.

AIM Global Review Match Sales Bonus
Screengrab from YouTube

Every 9th and 10th matching bonus entitles you to travel rewards points. You can use these points to avail of the company’s free travel incentive here and abroad.

Unilevel Commission

You can earn 5% of product sales volume from the 1st level (direct downlines). Also, you will get 5% of product sales volume from your indirect referrals.  The 5% from your indirect referrals sales volume is applicable from 1st level up to the 10th level.

Stair Step Bonus (Overriding Commission)

All products in AIM Global have corresponding positional points. These points are used for your promotion in their Stair Step Program. In the program, the commission ranges from 0%-40% based on the group’s product sales volume.

AIM Global Review Match Sales Bonus
Screengrab from YouTube

Red Flags and Misleading Claims 

Our researchers have found several deceptive claims of AIM Global and its distributors. Most of these misleading claims involve company reputation, product benefits and pricing, and advertisements.

These false claims do not necessarily mean that the business is a scam. However, these confusing assertions should alert you before joining the MLM firm.

AIM Global: The No. 1 Direct Selling Company

AIM Global is said to be the No. 1 Direct Selling Company in the world. The claim is according to its distributors, top earners, and the company itself.

This statement is misleading. The sole basis of this statement was the online polls published in Business For Home in 2014 and 2015.

Dini Noorlander and Ted Nuyten, co-founders, say, Business For Home publishes facts, figures, and networking news. It is unfortunate that the exact facts that 99% of people who join MLM lose money were never published there.

Also, they cannot deny the fact that OneCoin, one of the biggest cryptocurrency scams, got good coverage from Ted Nuyten.

It was easy for AIM Global to win the No. 1 spot because of its massive Facebook campaigns. See that screenshots below.

Alliance in Motion Global as Top Direct Selling MLM Facebook Campaign in 2015
AIM Global as Top Direct Selling Company in 2016

The $200 Million Revenue in 2015

Ted Nuyten’s Business For Home reported AIM Global’s revenue at $200 million in 2015. The figure was confirmed and published on their page.

Alliance in Motion Global Review Revenue 2015-2017

To verify the claim, our team got a copy of AIM Global’s Audited Financial Statements (FS) for the year 2015. The Philippines SEC duly received these FS.

For the year ended December 31, 2015, AIM global disclosed a total of Php1,395,580,872. If we translate this to the US dollar using the year-end exchange rate at 46.8522 Php per USD, sales should have been at $30 million.

Alliance in Motion Financial Statements

Did Alliance in Motion Global inflate its revenue by 567% for Ted Nuyten? Or, did the company deflate its sales for SEC reporting?

We believe the SEC reports are reliable. If this is the case, then we can conclude that Business For Home does not have credibility after all.

Likewise, awards received by AIM Global from Ted Nuyten should not matter in the end.

AIM Global as a Member of the Direct Selling Association of the Philippines (DSAP)

A video circulating in social media says that the company is the 30th member of DSAP. This video was published more than three years ago.

Moreover, one member creates a picture purporting that AIM Global is a member of DSAP.

DSAP confirms that Alliance in Motion Global is not a member of their association.

AIM Global as DSAP Member

AIM Global’s C247 is US FDA Registered

A product presentation in Usapang AIM Youtube Channel says that C247, a flagship product, is US FDA approved.

AIM Global C247 FDA Approved

This statement is false. The US FDA is not authorized to review dietary supplement products for safety and effectiveness before they are marketed.

Producers and distributors are responsible for making sure their products are safe before they go to the market. No US FDA approval is required.

Pyramid Scheme vs. Pyramid Structure

One of the AIM Global’s members is trying to mislead his audience when asked about pyramiding or pyramid scam. Instead of quoting the provision of Republic Act No. 7394 (The Consumer Act of the Philippines), the gentleman talks about pyramid structure.

The pyramid structure in an organization reflects hierarchy. For instance, in an organization, executives are at the top, and middle managers are in the middle. Moreover, the rank-and-file are at the bottom of the pyramid.

More importantly, the people in the pyramid organizational structure are paid with salaries and wages. Unlike in AIM Global and other product-based pyramid schemes where income is based on the recruitment.

Article 53 of R.A 7394 prohibits Pyramid Sales Scheme.  A pyramid scheme is defined in Article 4(k) of R.A 7394;

Section 4(k) of R.A. 7394

AIM Global Product Health Benefits

AIM Global and some of its distributors advertise C247 as a food supplement that provides cellular protection, longevity, nourishment, energizer, and enhancement. Also, it states that the product offers cardio and cancer protection.

AIM Global C247 Benefits

Furthermore, some of the distributors are using a marketing picture, indicating that C247 can protect a person from various diseases.

AIM Global C247 100 Benefits

These claims are misleading and perhaps a violation of Article 112 of The Consumer Act of the Philippines.

Article 112 of R.A 7394

Similar Products in the Market

First, we review the ingredients and supplement facts of some AIM Global products. Then, we compare these to similar products available in the market.

Our samples include C247, Complete Phyto-Energizer, Kiddi 24/7, and Choleduz.

AIM Global disclosed that one of its manufacturers is Nature’s Way. We agree with this claim. Choleduz has the same (except for the amount per serving) content with Fisol.

AIM Global Fisol and Choleduz

Likewise, the contents of Complete Phyto-Energizer and Alive Max 6 Daily Multivitamins are almost the same.  See the photos below.

AIM Global Complete Ingredients and Supplement Nutritional Facts
Complete Ingredients and Supplement Nutritional Facts
Alive Max 6 Daily - Copy
Ingredients and Supplement Facts of Alive Max 6 Daily
Alive Max 6 Daily
Ingredient and Supplement Facts of Alive Max 6 Daily

C247 is Complete Phyto-Energizer minus the anti-aging. Alive Premium Gummies for Children and Kiddi 24/7 are identical.

AIM Global Kiddi 247 Supplement Facts
Kiddi 247 Supplement Facts
Alive Premium Gummies For Children Supplement Facts 2
Alive Premium Gummies For Children Supplement Facts

Overpriced Products

Fisol of Nature’s Way costs around Php10-Php11 per soft gel in the market exclusive of shipping fees. However, the retail price of Choleduz is almost Php30 per gel.

Granting that the additional servings cost more, still, we find the 200% price difference unreasonable. Since AIM Global can buy in bulk, it can minimize its product cost.

The retail price of Alive Max 6 Daily Multivitamin is around Php6-Php7 per vegetable capsule. However, Complete Phyto-Energizer costs almost Php42 per cap. That’s a 600% price difference.

The suggested retail price of C247 per capsule is Php44. We don’t believe that the additional ingredients would cost that much.

Alive Premium Gummies for Children cost only Php8 per gummy in the market. The retail price of Kiddi 247 is Php38 per gummy.

These food supplements are not sold on a per capsule or tablet basis.  Nonetheless, you can go to the market and buy these products per bottle at lower prices.

AIM Global products are overpriced because every person on top of the pyramid wants to have a commission.

Can You Make Money with AIM Global?

Our answer is a big NO. You can’t make money with a recruitment-driven Alliance in Motion Global.

Our basis for this conclusion is a 15-year MLM study published on the Federal Trade Commission. AIM Global is not an exception to this independent research.

Jon M. Taylor of the Consumer Awareness Institute says;

Failure and loss rates for MLMs are not comparable with legitimate small businesses, which have been found to be profitable for 39% over the lifetime of the business; whereas less than 1% of MLM participants profit. MLM makes even gambling look like a safe bet in comparison.

AIM Global discloses on its official website that its total distributors are more than 5 million across the globe. However, we found out that as of December 31, 2015, the company had around 10,000 active distributors all over the Philippines.

AIM Global Active Distributors 2015

Let’s give Alliance in Motion Global the extreme benefit of a doubt. Assuming, from 10,000 active distributors (the Philippines only) in 2015, the number has increased to 100,000 (all countries) as of this date.

To give more consideration, let’s assume that all 100,000 active distributors made money.  That is roughly 2% of 5 million distributors that the company claims.

In contrast, almost 4.9 million lose their money because of AIM Global. The numbers are based on a conservative estimate. We expect the figure to be more than 99% because not all active distributors profit at an early stage.

AIM Global and those few at the top of the pyramid enriched themselves at the expense of the new recruits. Since nearly all recruits lose money, the income of those people can be considered a theft by deception.

If someone says that he became a millionaire in this company, ask the success rate since the start of the operation. First, know the exact number of distributors since 2006 and compare that to the actual members who made money. Then, compute their profits after deducting the expenses.

Should we consider AIM Global a legitimate opportunity? Should we call it an income potential where less than 1% makes money?

Other AIM Global promoters are so desperate to recruit. See that Kenyan guy below.

Instead of selling overpriced products, tell him to study the basics of Adobe Photoshop.

Is AIM Global Legit or Scam?

AIM Global is a pyramid scheme. Hence, we believe it is a scam. The company emphasizes the recruitment of more members and make money from their investments.

Most product purchases in AIM Global came from the member themselves.

Pyramid schemes can be of two types. One is a naked pyramid (no product) and a product-based pyramid scheme. We will use DSAP’S 8-Point Test to determine whether AIM Global is a pyramid scheme.

DSAP came up with a series of questions to distinguish a real direct selling from a pyramiding one. A single answer of “No” means there is a high probability that the business is a pyramid scheme.

  1. Is there a product? Yes, the company has products.
  2. Are commissions paid on the sale of products and not on registration/entry fees? No, the company has compensation plans in which commissions are paid based on registration fees of recruits.
  3. Is the intent to sell a product, not a position? No, AIM Global intends to sell a position and not a product. It allows a member to purchase up to 15 heads.
  4. Is there no direct correlation between the number of recruits and compensation? No, the recruits and compensation are directly correlated. The more you recruit, the more earnings you have.
  5. If recruitment were to be stopped today, would the participants still make money? No, because the products are expensive and have no demand.
  6. Is there a reasonable product return policy? No, the business has no product return policy.
  7. Do products have a fair market value? No, the company’s products have no market value. You can buy similar products in the market at lower prices.
  8. Is there a compelling reason to buy? No, there is no compelling reasons to buy their products. Retail customers (not a member of AIM Global) have no intentions to buy the goods.

Alliance in Motion Global did not pass the 8-Point Test. We believe that the AIM Global is a Pyramid scheme.

Is AIM Global Selling an Unregistered Investment?

An investment contract, according to the Amended IRR of R.A 8799, is a transaction or scheme whereby a person invests his money in a common enterprise. Then, he is led to expect profits primarily from the efforts of others.

We think that the company sells an investment contract that requires registration and a Secondary License from the SEC. The company’s business model satisfies all the requisites of security.

First, a person invests his money by paying the global package worth Php6,980.

Second, there is a common enterprise when two or more investors “pool” their resources.  In this case, the invested money is under the control of Alliance in Motion Global, Inc.

Then, the company determines what to do with the amount. The enterprise uses a portion of the money while a fraction is paid to pay the agreed returns to its members.

Third, investors or members are enticed primarily by the prospects of a return on his investment. The investment in money is made with a view of getting profits from AIM Global.

The video below tells everything that the company is selling not the usual food supplements. You can find more of that on social media.

Last, expected profits in Alliance in Motion arise primarily from the efforts of others. Under the scheme, the accumulated amount received by the investor comes mainly from the efforts of his recruits.

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Let’s put this on record that the company sells up to 15 accounts. Its clear evidence that the enterprise is offering an unregistered investment.

Filing of Complaint

If you want the authorities to investigate AIM Global, you need to file a formal complaint. Pyramids scams are under the jurisdiction of DTI while SEC takes charge of unregistered investments.

For DTI concerns, please visit their official website for contact information. For unregistered investments, contact SEC’s Enforcement and Investor Protection Department at 02-818-6337 or 02-818-6047 or email them at [email protected].

Atty. Howard Chan provides a procedure in filing a formal complaint. Please check that out.

Review Conclusion: AIM Global is a Pyramid Scheme

This review concludes that the AIM Global is a Pyramid scheme. The company did not pass the 8-Point Test of DSAP. Hence, we believe it is a scam.

The Alliance in Motion Global has compensation plans in which commissions are paid based on registration fees of recruits. AIM Global intends to sell a position and not a product. It allows a member to buy up to 15 accounts.

Moreover, recruits and compensation are directly correlated. The more you recruit, the higher your earnings will be. The business has no return policy.

Also, the company’s products have no market value. You can purchase similar products in the market at lower prices.

Ultimately, there are no compelling reasons to buy their products. Retail customers (not a member of AIM Global) have no intention to buy their food supplements and other items.

Also, we believe, that AIM Global is selling an unregistered investment. This investment requires a Secondary License. Moreover, it must be registered with the SEC before it can be sold or offer for sale to the public.

Please share this review for public awareness. Please email us if you want to tell a story on how AIM Global enticed you to invest.

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64 thoughts on “AIM Global or Alliance in Motion Global Review 2021: Legit or Scam?”

  1. I just enrolled in now, I pray that God should help me fall among the successful people
    I need a good mentor pls
    Am in Nigeria

  2. I can tell that about only 1% of all who enter into business end up to be millionaires. Accept that in business there is success and failure. Unfortunately, the natural trend for business is that failure rate is always higher: a massive 99%. What then? if there are people succeeding out there then the thing works. Remember that businesses are always associated with risks, therefore hard work is necessary. This one should know well before investing. Luck may be considered as a partner in success but do not depend on it. And for those who want to succeed in business know that greed must never be a part of it. So, whether it is MLM or something else leave it to the individual to choose. I’m trying to be neutral. Why discourage those who wants to give it a try? Let them be. God will judge.

    • I do not believe that they are discouraging people from joining. They are just presenting the hurdles these members could encounter. Besides, if you want to take that 99% risk, you can increase your chances if you know what are the things you might encounter. This will also help people to choose which company to chose. You see, even if you become part of that 1% successful people, 99% of your invites will fail. That is the trend. It was true then, it will continue to be true today

  3. Lots of negative comments. Hello from Nigeria, my mom just invested in this for I and her, decided to do my little research and I stumbled on this. Well, investment in almost anything is a risk, if you’re not a good marketer, you might lose money. *sigh…* I hope this goes well.

  4. I spoke to one of them who is trying to offer me the “opportunity”. The guy seems desperate for me to sign up because I told him I was not interested, for I do not need more money cause I have a good job, a house and a car. And I could manage my life with their MLM scheme. He called me a coward for not signing up.

    • I can’t believe the guy called you coward. Anyway, I have experienced almost the same scenario. The recruiter wanted to recruit me so bad he lied just so I would go to meet him. When we met, he invited me to walk along. It did not take long before I realized that we were already in front of one of the branch of this MLM company. I was forced to sit down with him while he presented me packages that I could avail. In the end, I said I would sleep on it because just like in any investment, you do not decide right away. That is where he lost his cool. He told me I am not smart to make life changing decisions and that I wont become successful in life if I walk away with the “opportunity” he was offering.

  5. Was watching a live of theirs on Facebook, during the meeting I’ve noticed some red flags that points it as a pyramid scheme but discarded until I’ve learned what was their requirements to enter their business.

  6. in the Philippines, they also offer job as a “email/chat support”. I attended the orientation, it was all good, the benefits, the flexibility of the job, the earnings but a red flag at the end of the session. They wanted you to pay for a certain amount for the “account activation” that you will be using for the job. I was looking for a job to get paid. Wasted a whole day for that orientation. After that, I found out that the part of the “job” was just copy/paste spiels or emails for more recruits. This happened 3 years ago, but I can still see them recruiting specially in Facebook. They don’t disclose the name of the company unless you privately communicate.

    • Is this the same with online appointment setters, would copy paste stuff to international/local clients. Coz I want to earn extra then I saw the ad in faceboik about this homebased online opportunity.

    • The name of the company now is Empowered Consumerism.
      Work is home-based (online program) where you will be tasked to set an appointment for other people
      to entice them to join as an “appointment setter” again who will also pay the Account ID worth 8,999 PHP.

      This is part of their script: “There is no selling involved. Just appointment setting like what am doing now. The strategy our team offers with our Online Program is designed to help those who are not good or are new with marketing. Our program aims to guarantee your income just by simply setting up appointments using scripts that we will provide you with. You are basically an appointment setter of your own global business. All your clients will be handled by the Program so your focus is really just on setting appointments. ”

      Once you are enticed with this, that is already the appointment to attend their Webinar and explain what are the tasks but with introduction on how much money they earn from this type of work. At the end of the presentation
      they will inform that they will only require around 200 people for the task with a 5-minute timer for you to be pressured to reserve a slot and pay the amount asap since you are already enticed with the figures they are earning in 6-7 digits in a monthly or quarterly basis.

  7. Totally a scam. If you don’t get any registrations under you, you won’t get much, you will even lose. I’d rather work my full time job at least i know i am not deceiving others.

  8. You attached a screenshot of DSAP page and the name Rosalin Cos Collado does not exist in Facebook. Better make a vlog showing your face and video screenrecord the conversation of you and Dsap. that would be great. I hope you understand tje word trust. You cant trust a person that is hiding his face. Better trust those confronting yoi personally

    • AIM Global isn’t a member of DSAP. That’s a fact.

      Well, sometimes people deactivate or delete their accounts. It’s not my responsibility anymore to investigate what happened to the person you are talking about.

      My content, supported with the appropriate evidence, and not my face will make my site trustworthy.

  9. You cannot file a case if you dont show your Full real name. Your considered a scam when you dont show your face in your Vlog website. You dont share your addresss. You always hide. We dont know your background and where you from. Dont you feel that your a scammer? Why dont you teach you relatives first before teaching strangers. If you dont have testimony with photos of your families that their in the right path with you, well you are the best scammer in the world.

    • Some people value privacy.

      Privacy is important on this site. And you should abide by that because you are using it.

      Otherwise, I should have barred you from commenting anonymously.

  10. Sorry, I have read a couple of your blog & I find you too biased on MLM and yet, you’ve made a lot of effort to prove that AIM Global is a Scam as well, Your mind is too fixated to prove that all MLM are scam. Let me ask you something, In your interpretation, what is an MLM business ? and What is Pyramid ? as far as I know, pyramid offers nothing but a piece of paper, while MLM is selling a product (direct or online approach) , and it’s called multi level cos as long as you work hard, no matter what’s your status in life, you can have a chance to grow, and be a millionaire, can you give this kind of opportunities to a fish vendor, or a janitress, or jeepney driver, a policeman, or a dissabled person etc. who are now grown up to be a millionaires in the making.with regards to AIM Global, granted that it’s a bit overpriced ( you already knew the price) but what do they get get in return, apart from the product they’re selling? do you know that they can get 10,000 pesos worth of medical assistance ?

  11. I’m one of the victims of AIM Global, I was blinded by their money in the webinar. They showed off their sports cars, their houses and checks. I was fool to spend P8,999 on them. I am an 18 year old student who was looking for a decent job to pay for my college expenses, but instead I lost money. I used my savings from my salary as a cashier and now I don’t know what do. 🙁 I want my money back.

    • May I know from what FB page were u recruited? I’m also skeptical about this since I find it sketchy. So I’ll try to attend their webinar tomorrow and see if it’s fishy.

    • During the Webinar that you have attended were you not promised a money back guarantee truce if you can’t sell a single product for a period of six months??

    • You were not forced to pay the 8999, right?….
      You were informed about all the requirements and you were informed how to earn, right?
      and still you paid the 8999. Why?…

      Then you complain coz u cant earn?

  12. When I first encountered them I was skeptical since they convince you to buy the products to gain entry and eventually upgrade to other level if you want to earn more. I definitely concur with everything that you have reviewed about them because if they claim to offer legitimate service why don’t they allow members to register for free from their platform and then also allow them to promote those products on the internet and compensate them with a commission. I think the owner of the company together with higher earning members hide so much information in this company. The only people who benefit so much is those people who are on the of the pyramid because they have recruited so many members in their account who keep on making the recruiter to earn more from commission that the company offer to recruiters. The company depend so much from the novice members who pay the recruitment fees which is disguised to pay for the products. I think without new members paying for those entry fees then this company cannot operate anymore. However, thank you for generous, authentic and deep review.

  13. Able to attend a facebook webinar of this. 99% showing you a certain lifestyle, 1% showing you how it’s done and the fee to do it. Once the fees are being discussed, you can see a see of sad faces in the reaction section of the live video.

  14. Thank God, I am one of the 1% successful members. I’m just 3 years at it. Are you aware that each person who joins AIM Global actually pays to purchase products and not registration? A lot of us do products reorder because of their potency. Don’t let us be biased in evaluating a company based on assumptions held before the review. AIM Global is one of the best MLM companies in the world. They changed my life. Thanks

    • Lol. You are grateful because you scammed the people under you?

      Your MLM was designed so that 99% will lose in your scheme. Don’t give me BS. Your products were bundled so that when people pay the registration, it may appear like a legitimate sale. AIM Global is more than a scam. Their market here in the Philippines is saturated so the company is now selling in poor countries because people there are easy to fool.

      It changed your life because you have recruited lots of people under you whom you’ve got commissions from their investments.

      • It is clear in the beginning that you have to purchase a package, packages which you can chose with different products. Please don’t make a serious accusation. You can get the money back if you know how to sell those products.
        My take is, do not join if you do not know what’s the risk. The company laid down all the possibility on how one can earn, it is clear that you can BUY AND SELL A PRODUCT once you join and of course as an MLM Company there are other ways to earn by ways of referral and so on. Why blame?

        • Lol. Only fools will believe in you.

          Products are bundled in packages to make it like a legitimate sale. A package a.k.a investment fee is your ticket so you can join the scheme and proceed with the recruitment of new members. Money-back? You must be kidding. Your products are shit. Nobody is interested to buy your expensive shitty products, unless of course if he/she wants to join your pyramiding scheme.

          Blame? Math is Math.

          Your MLM is designed so that 99% of your participants lose their money. That’s more than a scam.

          You just won’t admit that in order to make money with AIM GLobal you have to recruit more people and make money from their investments. Recruit- Recruit- Recruit. AIM Global is a chain of recruitment. Filipinos are no longer interested in your MLM pyramid scheme, so you are now recruiting in 3rd World (poor countries) because people there are easy to fool!

    • Sorry, but when I was in college, I was recruited by Business Empire and they have the same exact procedure that AIM Global is doing. The products were also BS. Those products are not even sold in the global market. If those products are really that good and effective, it would be sold in stores worldwide. But it’s not. In reality, direct selling earns less than retail selling. Why? Because in retail selling, you will be able to widen your connections and in turn, multiply your earnings faster. That’s how it works. Recruitment is the only way your earnings are that big each year to begin with. I’ve seen this before and this is all complete BS. AIM Global just changes their company seller names to avoid authorities. That’s how they survived this long. The last webinar I attended was Empowered Consumerisms and they sell AIM Global products but with their name on the bags. What a misdirection and a complete waste of time attending that Webinar.

    • Paano naman po yong namatay ang father ng member kasi instead of giving him the right medication for hypertension, the member gave C24/7 instead, as alternative.. LOL #feelingDOCTORangPEG

  15. oh man! thank you for this info as a matter of fact i was really encouraged by their claims and yes i joined but not yet paid the total amount of “package” so technically it makes me “almost a member” but since day1 i was thinking maybe i’ll go check their legitimacy first before joining and here i am reading your research made me realised that i will not let AIM Global or EC fool me. thank you! thank you! thank you!

  16. I am totally disappointed after joining. I am 100% totally agreed on all of these information. I wanted my money back so badly. And, what made me more realized that I did a very bad decision is when I was told that “If I want to earn fast and big I have to come with up a sum amount of money to get the 15 accounts, even if it means I have to loan a total of 100k”. That then I realized, I put my self in a very bad situation and ti’ll now I am still regretting it.

        • I too was a victim of this. I’m an 18 year old looking for a decent job. But then I came across EC and AIM Global and was blinded with the money they had. They mentioned that it was SEC registered and that they were the highest tax payers in the PH. I was in desperate need for money to pay for college and I ended up losing some. They say I need to recruit other people in order to earn, but I don’t want someone else to regret their decisions because of me.

  17. Aim global is causing economy deficits in many parts of the world. I am a Liberian from west Africa and very sceptical about doing things. From what I noticed is that lack of education and poverty have driven people to be desperate thinking that they could get rich over night to end their suffering. All those testimonies are fact but we need more awareness because even in my country the government doesn’t pay attention in curtailing because they encourage gambling. I don’t about you but if you’re a christian, you will no that surely the world is coming to an end.

  18. It’s definitely a scam. If you join this, you are making the founders richer but you’ll end up getting pennies. Their leaders only gives empty hopes and promises. My friend believed, he quit his high paying job in IT but now he have no money and no job. After many years a lot of people lose money. Now they change to Empower Consumerism so they will scam people again. They use social media to deceive people again. They use poverty to deceive people and these Poor people doesn’t realize that they are also deceiving people. I hope God punish these bad people. Punish their wickedness.

      • Yung friend ko nga 5 years ko ng kilalang nag ti tinda ng products ng AIM global at nag re recruit. Ayun di pa din mayaman 🤣 ayun mas madami pa utang kaysa sa akin. Naawa ako sa kanya kaya bumili nalang ako yang C24/7 ata yun first and last na binili ko sa kanya.

    • To be honest, the business is lucrative if you just work harder to deceive and take advantage of people. My parents are one of the few that are making a lot of money out of it. Unfortunately they are not even aware that they are just being deceived and is deceiving others. I feel bad for them and myself. The food that we eat is from deceiving others.

    • They changed the name of the network due to bad reputation and now I was impressed about the new name. I was one of their victim. I don’t know how to get my money back!!

      • Aim Global is total scam and full of BS
        Two of my friends got scammed. When they realized that they have to deceive poor people to make money they stopped. They also tried to recruit me but when I started questioning them they told me I wasn’t ready and left

    • Lol it’s not a scam. It’s a process by which u build your business by helping them build theirs. At first, I thought Aim global was a get rich quick scheme, but no it isn’t. To succeed in this business, it requires training and am glad the company offers it thank u

    • You’re wrong my dear. This business is legit and has one of the best compensation plans. It requires education and training.

        • Clearly you don’t know how business works 😂 Pyramid structure doesn’t mean it’s a pyramid scheme or scam lol. AIM Global celebrated in Philippine Arena for 5 years already and still people believe it’s a scam. Those people who says it’s a scam are most likely people who entered the business but didn’t work for it lol! If you understand the people helping people business, you’ll realize how your boss was using you since the day you started at work! Haha! I’d rather work for myself and become my own boss than receive a salary from other people and work for THEIR dreams 😂 Too much negativity won’t bring you any good. Have your research well don’t conclude just because you’ve experience some negative events in your life. God bless though!

          • In AIM global, you make money recruiting other people to the scheme. They buy product packages to join so that they can also recruit.

            The majority of AIM Global customers are members. That’s a pyramid scheme.

            Stop recruiting and let’s see if your AIM global scam can still operate. Your products are BS with no demand. You’re selling expensive shit products nobody is interested to buy.

            You can be your own boss without fooling other people!

  19. I agree 99% failed

    AIM Global
    Primary business: Milking the members
    Secondary: Members Milking other product user but non members

  20. I’m curious about the UltraH2 product they sell for a whooping 25k for members. I wish someone could make a video split section of the product and have an engineer identify each part inside because I believe that the bubbling effect while using the product can be created using an ultrasonic motor(?) The ones used in humidifiers. And you can even get humidifiers for as low as 200 pesos which makes me skeptical about the hydrogen concentrating claim. If someone could break one open and post it in video they could land a heavy blow with the “legitness” of their product quality.


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