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Are non fungible tokens taxable?

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Non fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital assets which can be given as digital gifts, or traded. And while they generally don’t represent ownership of a company or investment in a product, they do contain value and can be exchanged for other NFTs and even fiat currencies like USD and EUR.

What is a non fungible token?

Non fungible tokens are a form of crypto token designed to be unique and less interchangeable than cryptocurrency. They are also rarer than traditional crypto currencies, meaning there is more supply and they do not have a high liquidity. A non fungible token is a type of blockchain-based digital asset. Usually, it’s something like an in-game item (such as a sword or a hat) or virtual currency (like Ethereum). It can’t be broken down into smaller units.

How do I know if my tokens are taxable?

If you’re not sure whether your tokens are taxable, there are ways to find out. One way is to contact the IRS directly and ask them. Another way is to look at the token sale terms and conditions, which will usually include something about taxes. The token sale terms should also mention what country the tokens are being sold in, which may affect whether or not they are taxable.

Why aren’t all tokens taxable?

Non fungible tokens are not taxable because they’re not considered “property.” It can be very confusing to figure out if a token or cryptocurrency is taxable because the IRS has yet to issue any guidelines for this. Non fungible tokens are not taxable because they are generally considered to be intangible property. Fungible tokens are different because they are generally considered to be similar to currencies.

Where can I get help with my taxes for crypto?

Where to get help with taxes for crypto is a difficult question. There are so many different types of cryptocurrencies in the market right now, and you need to pay attention to the regulations before making any trades. For example, if you decide to trade in Ethereum or Litecoin, then chances are that they will be considered as securities by the SEC. This means that when trading them, there are much more regulations to follow than when trading other types of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Cardano.


Non-fungible tokens can be taxable if they are used in a manner that is not the original intention. The IRS has not issued any official guidance on non-fungible tokens, so it’s best to consult your tax advisor for more information. In general, no they are not. This is because the Internal Revenue Service defines property as being something that has a value, can be exchanged or transferred to others, and does not expire under law.


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