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ATOM Price Prediction – Will Cosmos BOOM 60%Maybe, #CRYPTONEWS#ATOMprice

ATOM Price Prediction – Will Cosmos BOOM 60%? Maybe,
ATOM price fell at the beginning of the year 2022 like most cryptocurrencies. However, ATOM prices managed to rebound as soon as they reached the strong support area around $20. Today, prices are on their way to their previous high of $40 and are already mid-way. What might happen to ATOM price soon? Let’s find out in this ATOM price prediction article.

Why will the Cosmos Price rise soon?

price has tested the $38.77 – $44.77 resistance area three times in the past. Thereafter, there was always a rejection to the middle support zone of $30 – $32 or to the lower support area of ​​$21.04 – $21.86. Because of this, we are seeing a sideways phase here at the moment. As the price recently corrected to the $21.04 – $21.86 support area, we anticipate that the price might initially rally to the $38.77 – $44.77 upper resistance area. That’s where the next target is, considering the sideways phase. In the past, once when the price hit the lower support area, it rallied to the upper one. We expect history to repeat itself.

Can ATOM price reach $50?

Since sideways phases are considered continuation formations, we also assume a bullish breakout in this case. As the lower support is the golden pocket of the last major move higher, we have increased belief that the uptrend will resume. If the ATOM price breaks out in a bullish way, the price could reach targets above $90. We expect a top around $100 to respect the psychological $100 mark.

Where to Buy Cosmos Crypto?

ATOM is a known cryptocurrency and is currently ranked #20 on the list of the biggest cryptos by market capitalization. Many exchanges offer this token versus multiple denominations. It is important on the other hand to always choose a reliable exchange. Security reasons, high fees, and platform usability play a major role in using a crypto exchange. Here are the ones we recommend: