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AWS Explained For Beginners | Gemini Crypto Trading Bot Use Case

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In this video I take you through my favorite AWS project for beginners – the Gemini crypto trading bot that I programmed using Python, Lambda Functions, and CloudWatch. I made this video to explain AWS to anyone who watched that Gemini tutorial and needed further background on what AWS is, why we needed to build our solution using AWS in the cloud, how to sign up for an AWS account, what Lambda Functions are, what CloudWatch is, and to show how using AWS in this way is 100% free thanks to the AWS free tier!

🎥 I built this real use case of AWS out in this video about the Gemini API here:

☁️ Sign up for AWS:

📚 Learn more about Amazon and scaling a business by reading The Everything Store:

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🆓 Link to the AWS free tier:

👨🏻‍💻 How to Generate for yourself:

♊️ Link to the Gemini Python Code:

Intro 0:00
What is AWS? 1:26
How to Sign up for AWS 6:16
AWS Lambda Example 9:35
AWS Cloud Security Concerns 11:23
AWS CloudWatch Review 13:54
AWS Free Tier Explained 15:11


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