Bacoor Cavite Philippines has the NICEST People in the Most Unfortunate Places [4K]

Take an Unseen Walk with me around Bacoor Cavite Philippines. I start in a place called Strikeville Compound in Barangay Habay, and meet an amazing family. I then make my way to the area around SM City Bacoor. Just like many other places in the Philippines, there are small communities like this. It often baffles me when I see a nice almost mansion-like home with a cluster of shacks and shantys right next to it. I wonder how things were before this happened, and more importantly, why and how could this happen. Who allowed this for many years? Where did the funding go for helping the community? Questions I feel will never be answered. What are your thoughts on the rich living right next to the poor and nothing being done to help the unfortunate? If you were rich, would you help the poor, or would you just let it happen around you? Enjoy this Bacoor Cavite Philippines walk, and I’ll see you again soon!

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