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Beginner’s Guide on Crypto Lending

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FULL guide on cryptocurrency lending. This video is longer because it walks you through the entire process of lending cryptocurrency.

1. Use my referral link to coinbase ( so you can earn an extra $10 when you purchase $100 or more of bitcoins.

2. Get your account verified with photos of a driver’s license or other ID. (may take 30 mins or up to 6 hours to get verified)

3. After your account is verified, link your credit/debit card for instant bitcoin purchases OR link a bank account to purchase larger sums of bitcoin (this way will take 3-5 business days to process the wire transfer)

4. Purchase bitcoins with USD or your national currency.

5. Send bitcoins (btc) from your wallet on coinbase to your hextra wallet. (or bitconnect)

6. Wait for hextracoin’s website to confirm your transaction. After all 3/3 confirmations have been made, you can then use your btc on hextracoin’s website. This takes roughly 15-25 minutes.

7. On hextracoin’s website, buy hextracoins (HXT) with the btc balance you have in your wallet on their site. (or bitconnect coins, on bitconnect) (this purchase of HXT for btc has always taken less than 5 seconds to go through for me)

8. Then click on the lending tab, and invest $100 or $1010+ into loans and start earning your ~1% return every day on your loan just like I do!

Hextracoin signup link: />
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Signup links:
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