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Ben Goertzel on the future of SingularityNet, Cardano, and Artificial, Intelligence | ADA AURA #40

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0:00 Intro
0:48 Podcast Introduction
9:12 What is AGI?
17:35 What is the Singularity
21:51 How Did You Meet Charles?
27:54 Experience with AGIX Converter
32:01 Hydra Aiding Singularity Net
37:39 Is AGIX Converter Open Source?
39:45 Ethereum Account/Balance Model Security Issues
47:01 Hyper Cycle Hydra Interaction
52:44 Differences between Hydra Head and Tail
53:47 What is AGIX Staking going to look like on Cardano
57:03 Jam Galaxy
1:09:48 How Can People Join the Ecosystem?
1:11:10 What way can AI benefit Humanity and the Earth