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Best Crypto Games | Crypto Gaming | End Of Days

Best Crypto Games | Crypto Gaming | End Of Days

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Welcome to our Best Crypto Games video!

End of Days is the brand itself. Each season will have its own unique identity, such as Season One: Ragnarok, but the brand is what ties all the seasons together under a single umbrella.

END is the main currency for Ragnarok. END is available on uniswap/sushiswap and original liquidity of $200,000 was provided by our private investors.

Presale date will be announced ASAP once we see current market conditions improve.

MasterBrews (Whelps, heroes & villains) proudly introduces to the ethereum Blockchain its first “gamified automated nft drop” (G.A.N.D.)
innovative game theory, robust tokenomics and efficient SMART CONTRACT DESIGN, combine to fuel a rewards-laden, multi-season nft project.

While (beautifully, hand-drawn) traits are purely cosmetic in nature, asset rarity will play an important role in determining battle outcomes. A twelve-round bracket style tournament kicks off SHORTLY AFTER THE SALE CLOSES.

All battles take place automatically on-chain and are provably random. Participation is not optional and costs no gas fees (other than minting). With 48 hours between each round, an active secondary market is encouraged.

The Night of Champions will be a unique event, consisting of the 4,096 warriors whose factions won their respective season.
Entry will be completely free for these warriors, with guaranteed prizes
no matter how early they may taste defeat.

A private offering of end will be held, with the entire raise ($200,000 USD)
immediately funding public liquidity on uniswap/sushiswap. The lp token will be burned, inspiring trust among the community.

EACH Season, ALL eliminated warriors that ARE NOT LOYAL to the winning faction, will be OFFERED A CHANCE AT NEW LIFE. tHE FEE WILL BE SET AT 50,000 end.

End will be the primary currency for purchases of NEW Warrior mints,

Who qualifies for the Night of Champions?

All warriors sharing a faction with the winner of Seasons 1-8 will automatically be entered in the Night of Champions tournament, with guaranteed prizes for every participant. The NoC will take place shortly after the conclusion of Season 8.


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