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Bears and Bulls is educational channel and all information given should be regarded for educational purposes only. The goal of the channel is to educate members about economics, markets, mathematics and statics.

Creator of the channel is economist Pol Hansen, which has been a lecturer at Kambsdal Collage in the Faroe Islands since 2012, where he has lectured in macro – micro economics, mathematics, statistics and finance. Kambsdal Collage Investment Games are held annually at the school where Pol Hansen is the main organizer.

The channel dose include information and courses that can be used to trade on the market. However, this channel dose not encourage members to trade and if they do so, it´s at their own responsibility. When conducting trades on the market people should only use money they can afford to lose, people should always try to diversify their portfolio and never use high leverage level as this increases the risk substantially.

The Bears and Bulls channel does not provide investment advice. The Bears and Bulls channel and diverse subscription services are only a supplement and a general information. It is recommended to seek concrete advice from a professional investment advisor. The Bears and Bulls channel cannot be held responsible for actions that directly or indirectly result in losses.

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