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Blockchain Kya Hai | Blockchain Technology in Hindi | Blockchain Smart Contract Used Cases

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Blockchain kya hai | Blockchain Technology in Hindi | Blockchain Smart Contract – one of the popular topics to discuss and as mentioned in our previous video, Metaverse, Blockchain, and NFT are becoming a major part of life. In this video, our CEO Mr. Rishikesh Mishra will precisely focus on Blockchain technology or Blockchain Smart Contract.

As per the Statement of the Government of India, cryptocurrencies will be banned in the country, however, the government is in the favor of Blockchain, considering that it could increase the GDP of a country – one such example of growth in GDP is Malta. Malta is a European country, famous for travel and tourism, which contributes 40% of its GDP. Recently, it is also known as “Blockchain Island,” as Malta has the first jurisdiction in the world to adopt blockchain regulations.

Interestingly, Malta has 90% of Blockchain Startups, which is only possible due to pro-active governance that attracts crypto and blockchain, which is clear from the fact that, due to the adoption of Blockchain, Malta has seen a significant increase in its GDP.

Likewise, other countries are also adopting Blockchain, considering that it can bring notable change in the GDP of a country. However, cryptocurrencies are being banned due to minimum/ no control/ regulation and a high risk of fraud.

Moreover, this video will also emphasize – what is Blockchain?

With that, Mr. Rishikesh Mishra will reveal a secret regarding how Blockchain Smart Contract will provide security to both parties to eliminate the risk of non-payment or low-quality services. And to make it seamless for you to understand each aspect of the future of Blockchain – watch this video to know how Blockchain technology will sustain all of our data right from birth, to store educational data, to vote, and many other ways.

Blockchain technology will certainly open doors to a new generation, a generation with a proper Data management system, which will keep a record of all the information that will be accessed through a Unique Hash Number.

Watch your video to know how Smart Contract Blockchain will change your future through real-time used cases – Blockchain explained video.

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