8 Easy Steps to Start Blogging in the Philippines

Start Blogging in the Philippines

Start blogging in the Philippines using these 8 easy steps.

Start Blogging in the Philippines

So, you are in the Philippines and want to start blogging but don’t know how to begin with?

Or maybe you are too excited to start blogging but could not find the right tutorial.

I am glad you are here! In this article, I will teach you how to launch a blog easily using WordPress and SiteGround hosting.

So, relax and enjoy reading.

Step 1. Choose a Niche

A niche is something you want to write. One of the elements of a successful blog is a specific niche.

People in the Philippines love to travel, buy gadgets, watch movies, shop or take care of their pets. There are so many things you can write about.

A niche is a topic where all your blog post revolves. Do not start a blog until you have chosen a niche. Do not buy a hosting plan until you have done your research about a niche market.

Finding a niche market also involves knowing where your audience resides. Understand their problems. Determine the things they love to talk.

Some recommend you start with your passion. However, blogging for passion alone is not enough. A niche must have a market, where people are willing to spend on it.

Step 2. Choose a Hosting Provider

Before you can start a blog, you need a host. A host is a place where your blog lives on the web.

Web hosting allows others to view your blog on the internet. Choosing a reliable web hosting services is essential.

There are free web hosting services where you can host your blogs such as blogger and wordpress.com. I do not recommend them because they lack the features that a self-hosted WordPress blog has.

In a self-hosted WordPress blog, you have full control of your site. Moreover, you can improve the WordPress functionality using their plugins.

You can launch your blog using SiteGround for $3.95 a month. WordPress recommends Siteground as one of the best hosting companies.

This guide will teach you how to start a WordPress blog using the shared hosting plan. Follow the steps carefully.

Step 3. Choose a Hosting Plan

Siteground offers three shared hosting plans for WordPress. Choose a hosting plan that works best for you.

Blogging in the Philippines Made Easy

StartUp Plan. It is ideal for blog starters. You get a 10GB web space. You can only host one website in this plan. It is suitable for 10,000 monthly visits.

As a beginner blogger, your blog traffic is low. The monthly visit is not a restriction but merely a point of reference.

In cases where blog generates more than the recommended visits, you may need to upgrade to avoid slow loading of web pages.

GrowBig Plan. When your blog generates more traffic, you may need to upgrade your plan. The GrowBig plan is ideal for 25,000 monthly visits.

It includes a 20GB web space and can host unlimited sites. This plan has an in-house developed WordPress plugin that enables the SuperCacher for faster speed.

GrowBig has backup creation tool and daily backup creation of 30 copies.

GoGeek Plan. This plan is perfect for e-commerce or bigger sites. You get 30GB of web space and is suitable for 100,000 monthly visits.

The GoGeek plan has a premium backup restore services. It includes geeky features like staging and GIT integration.

All hosting plans offer free unlimited Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, and unlimited free email accounts. My recommendation is to choose the Startup plan. You can easily upgrade your account once your blog grows.

Step 4. Pick a Domain Name

Choosing a domain. Blogging in the Philippines Made Easy

Find a domain name that relates to the niche you want to blog, or something that people will search for in Google. Your domain is also the name of your site; hence, it should be something that people will likely remember.

Spend some time researching for the perfect name because everything you post on your blog will likely revolve around your blog name and niche.

Once you have chosen a domain name, check at NameCheap or GoDaddy if it is available for registration. Domains at Namecheap and GoDaddy are cheaper compared to other registrars. You can easily transfer them to your hosting account.

You can also register a domain in Siteground for $14.95.

Step 5. Enter your Information

Once you have chosen a hosting plan and a domain, it is now time to fill all your information.

SiteGround Account Blogging in the Philippines Made Easy

Step 6. Choose Your Initial Plan Length & Extras

SiteGround length and extra services Blogging in the Philippines Made Easy

If you want to try how good is Siteground hosting, I recommend you choose 12 months as your initial plan length. You can easily transfer after one year if you are unsatisfied with their service

Your plan comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you trust them, then you can lock in for three years at a discounted amount.

After the initial term, renewal is at regular prices.

Extra services are optional features. I only recommend you purchase a Domain Privacy.

When you register a domain, your personal information is available to the public. To hide this information, you need Domain Privacy.

Step 7. Account Has Been Successfully Created

You have now set up your account with Siteground. You are just a few steps away from publishing your first blog post. The next step is to install WordPress.

SiteGround complete registration
SiteGround complete registration

Step 8. Install WordPress

First, in Siteground customers area, go to the “My Accounts” tab and click the red button that says, “Go to cPanel.”

SiteGround Customers Area

Second, in the “Autoinstallers” section, click on WordPress.

siteground autoinstallers

Third, click on the blue “Install” button.

WordPress Installation

Next, select which domain you will install WordPress.You may install a theme later. Finally, click install. Wait for the installation to complete.

Wordpress installation complete

Congratulations! You have just created a self-hosted WordPress blog.

Your next step is to find a theme to customize the look of your blog. Now click on your WordPress administrative URL and see the appearance menu.

Then, click Themes. Search for the theme you love to use on your blog and install. (For the complete guide on WordPress Theme installation visit How To Install A Theme On WordPress Blog For Beginners in 2018)

WordPress Dashboard
WordPress Dashboard

You are all done! You can now write and publish your first blog post. Promote your blog and connect with fellow bloggers in the Philippines.

Start Blogging in the Philippines Now

It is not too late to start blogging in the Philippines. The country has a very active online presence in Southeast Asia.

Filipinos love to search the web on topics they are interested in or passionate about.

Starting a blog is not as difficult as many Filipinos think. Choosing a hosting plan, registering a domain and installing WordPress are quickly done in a few clicks.

However, publishing content is the real challenge of your blogging journey.

Please share this article so everyone in the Philippines can start blogging now.

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