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But how?! – My Seedify & SFUND Research Report

Buy Crypto at Exchange is a launchpad plattform for blockchain gaming projects and coins. If you stake your SFUND you are able to buy coins even before listing.

In this Research Report we look over Seedify.
The written report is here:

Whitepaper: (some parts are outdated)

00:00 Intro
00:55 What is seedify?
01:25 Tier system explained
03:09 A little break
03:29 Last projects and returns on these
05:00 Vesting on seedify
05:48 Staking
07:22 KYC and restrictions
07:59 Team and Company
09:22 My Research Report
09:36 My thoughts on seedify and the future
11:03 Little callout…


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