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Celer Network Explained | $CELR Tokenomics | HederaStarter Tokenomics Review #2

Co-Founder Conor brings you another episode of Hedera Starter’s Tokenomics Review! Lots of great information regarding the Celer Network! Don’t forget to check out our socials to get the latest Hedera Starter news!

What is HederaStarter?

🧠 HederaStarter is a way by which projects can begin launching on Hedera, the underlying blockchain technology crafted for industry with active enterprise use.

↕️ HederaStarter is a launchpad turned upside down – it’s tokenomics design embeds the entire incubation and VC/public financing funnel, all governed by the DAO. It consists of a tokenized incubator, HDAO, and a community-oriented launchpad, the HPAD.

🛠 HSTART, the token of HederaStarter, powers both HPAD and HDAO giving its owners real utility in the constantly growing Hedera ecosystem, and gives investors access to the source of high-quality Hedera based projects.

✅ HederaStarter is the right combination of industry networking and expertise, proper DAO governance, and equitable investing features necessary to build the Hedera ecosystem into a dApp powerhouse. Grow HederaStarter, Grow Hedera blockchain.

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