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Experienced investors trade indices instead of individual stocks

To get exposure to the entire industry

No research on trends is required

The price movement is not very volatile

Investment in indices can be made through CFDs or ETFs

CFD means Contracts for Difference

ETF means Exchange Traded Fund

CFT is contract between buyer and seller to pay price difference between entry and exit of trade

Small percentage of asset value is paid to take position

Traders can spread losing risk in index unlike investing in single company

CFD offers higher leverage, out of hours trading, lower transaction costs

ETF is ideal trading tool, similar to mutual funds

Common characteristic assets are clubbed, usually offer greater daily liquidity, lower fees

Best for investors who have high capital, seeks less leverage

Index CFD is the latest entry to the financial market

Index ETF was introduced long before

Traders use CFD for short-term strategies

ETF is best suited for long-term strategies