Charles Hoskinson WHY Bitcoin will DIE – Bitcoin Price Prediction by Cardano (ADA) FOUNDER

Charles Hoskinson WHY Bitcoin will DIE – Bitcoin Price Prediction by Cardano founder. In this video we also cover recent Bitcoin data and news and give some technical analysis based on data to see where the Bitcoin price is likely to go from here. 🌕 🚀

“Bitcoin will die, in my view. There is no reason to hold it.” – Charles Hoskinson.

In this video, Charles Hoskinson argues AGAINST the King of all Cryptocurrencies – he gives a Bitcoin Prediction and lays out the circumstances in which the Bitcoin ecosystem will suffer.

To watch full interview featured check out Dave Lee on Investing:

For crypto analysis and technicals check out Benjamin Cowen, his charts were used at the end of the video:

0:00 Intro
3:15 Why was Bitcoin the winner?
5:47 The Church of Satoshi
8:36 Hoskinsons Bear case for Bitcoin
9:07 Hoskinson on Bitcoin Trillion dollar market cap
9:56 Counter Argument Why Bitcoin will WIN
11:48 Data as to why Bitcoin has more upside this cycle

Now for those who don’t know who Charles Hoskinson is, he is the founder of the Smart contract network Cardano and Co-founder of Ethereum – he has been in the cryptocurrency space for many years and is a very smart guy. The Cardano coin has recently rocketed its way up the cryptocurrency market cap rankings and is currently comfortably sitting in the top 5 coins so they are clearly doing something right. For reference, I personally disagree with the arguments and prognosis that Hoskinson gives and in the second half of the video I will lay out why. Personally I hold both Bitcoin and Cardano and am bullish on both projects in terms of what lays ahead and their future price action. Keep in mind Hoskinson is the founder and ADA / Cardano so you could argue he has a biased view.

Make sure to stick around to the end of the video where I will show you a counter-argument to Hoskinson, as well as two piece of recent data that suggests where the Bitcoin price is likely to go from here.

And to address the cyborg lens flare eyes in the thumbnail many figures in the cryptocurrency space have changed their profile pictures to one with lens flares as eyes, as a sign of solidarity for Bitcoin as it moves into a Trillion dollar market cap. To join in, my thumbnails for the next few days will join in the fun.Also, only a tiny percentage of people who watch my videos are actually subscribed. If you enjoy the video, consider subscribing. It’s free, and you can always change your mind. Enjoy the video. So there’s Charles Hoskinsons argument and Bear case for Bitcoin, honestly some strong points and the Darwinian argument that competition is good for the entire sector is an important one. Although I don’t necessarily agree, if you are a Bitcoin maximalist, there are definitely some points that are worth considering. Now, to show that Charles isn’t against Bitcoin, here he is shortly after Bitcoin passed a 1 trillion dollar market cap, speaking about the importance and significance it has had.

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