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CNS Name Change: Why Centric Swap?

In this video, I mentioned Centric’s Roadmap. It can be found at ➡️

CNS or Centric Swap wasn’t always called Centric Swap. For a long time, CNS went by the name “Centric Cash.” Even though the token’s utility has remained unchanged since it came on the crypto scene, it did have a name change back in July 2021 when CNS and its sister token CNR moved from the TRON Blockchain to the Binance Smart Chain.

This video covers the CNS name change and a general overview of the way the token works and its main job. Centric Swap (CNS) is the on-board and off-board token to Centric Rise (CNR) and the Centric Network.

As more and more people learn about the Centric Network, the value of the ecosystem will continue to go up along with the immutable price blocks of $CNR. Every hour, Centric Rise (CNR) yields more Centric Swap (CNS) value. A cryptocurrency that gains more network value every hour just for holding. #HODL. As Centric Rise (CNR) grows, the network burns tokens and becomes more valuable… Centric—burning tokens every hour until Centric Swap (CNS) reaches a dollar.

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How do users get Centric today?

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