Community Such As Dogecoin (DOGE), Near Protocol (NEAR), and FIREPIN Token (FRPN) Offer Investors Hope

The community has your back amidst tough times.

With the crypto winter starting to set in, protocols that have a strong community backing are crucial for staying positive within the bear market. Having active user bases across social channels is not only key in maintaining positive sentiment, but it can also provide a platform of inclusivity, where we are all in this together. When tough times fall upon us it is nice to know that the community has your back.

Dogecoin, The meme coin to rely on

A coin that was confusing to some, Dogecoin (DOGE), should be credited as the point of entry for many new users over the last 18 months. With its origins rooted in a tipping service across Reddit boards and Twitter, Dogecoin is the ultimate community coin that you can rely on.

Whether it be Elon Musk, Snoop Dog, or Mark Cuban, Dogecoin has several A-list celebrities that still hold the coin to this day and have introduced a whole new user base to DOGE. The commonality is one of inclusion and empowerment over helping bring financial freedom.

Moreover, Doge is becoming more than just a meme, with AMC Entertainment and the Dallas Mavericks, to just name a few, now accepting payments in DOGE for online merchandise, and Tesla soon to follow. With the community backing, Dogecoin could be set to open up a new gateway of payments across retailers and merchants, with those holding the coin to benefit.

The project may have started as a meme, but Dogecoin is now a global brand and has a community that you can rely on.

Developer-backed projects act as a good marker for success

Although the crypto winter can be worrisome for investors, many crypto experts are welcoming this crypto winter. The recent bull cycle has given rise to many projects which lack utility and the surplus of liquidity has been spread around coins that are not going to last as we transition into Web 3.0.

The phrase the cream will rise to the top is more fitting than ever, as tokens that have real intrinsic value will survive and flourish as the market returns to normal. As such, projects that have heavy developer communities should be looked into and used as a good mechanic to judge which coins are the best projects to invest in. One coin that has a heavy developer community behind it is Near Protocol (NEAR).

Near is loved by developers for many reasons. First, the platform enables devs to code in Rust, which is a language loved within the crypto space due to superior memory management and security. Moreover, developers earn 30% of the transaction fees on the platform, rewarding those who are growing and maintaining the platform in an equitable manner.

It is not just developers who are encouraged by the sustainability of the platform, as Near is a certified carbon neutral protocol to which many investors are now keen to attach themselves too, as the fight against climate change continues.

With strong sentiment from the developer community, Near Protocol is certainly a coin to consider adding to your portfolio in the coming months.

Firepin, the community-led Metaverse token of the future

Another community-led project that is gathering attention from its strong presale figures is FIREPIN Token (FRPN). FIREPIN Token is set to bring gaming into the Metaverse through its Game Development Studio and its unique NFT Marketplace, where users and developers can trade virtual content across chains and which incorporates cross-asset integration.

Firepin will reward its community of HODLers through their Firepin Insta Rewards scheme, where a 2% transaction fee on every trade will be added to the airdrop pool that is distributed to existing token holders every week. This is very appealing, particularly in a bear market, where a guaranteed yield is seen without locking your assets via staking.

Lastly, Firepin is ramping up its development releases with the NFT marketplace being released across Q3 and Q4 of this year and their NFT marketplace soon to follow. With the bear market setting in, Firepin offers investors the possibility to see strong returns on their investment where other coins and tokens will likely stagnate across the year.

If you are interested in learning more about FIREPIN Token or joining their presale you can find links to the protocol below.

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