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CRYPTO BLADES SAVED?! +Rewards, $SKILL Pump, NFT Bridge, Buybacks, $KING IDO | Play to Earn NFT Game

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0:00 What’s goin on, theAPEcoach here from 6 Pack Gaming bringing you a BIG update on CRYPTO BLADES – has it finally been saved?

– Higher Rewards Payout
– Balanced Rewards Pools
– NFT Bridge development
– Adding 3rd Chain to reduce gas fees (OKex Chain coming soon)
– $SKILL price pumping +20%
– $KING IDO for Crypto Blades Kingdoms
– PvP
– Marketplace Fixes
– External NFT + Merchandise Marketplace (Buy other NFTs and merch with $SKILL)
– Google Ads SKILL buy-backs
– Gas Fee Refund Buybacks
– Sponsorship fund buybacks

A LOT of work is clearly being done to help rebuild and revive Crypto Blades in order to ensure the success and future of both Crypto Blades and Crypto Blades Kingdoms.

I’m optimistic. I remain bullish. NFA, DYOR. But let me know what you think.

Does this give you hope for Crypto Blades future? Are you excited? Or have you moved on from CB and CBK entirely?

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