Bitcoin Fails After Massive Rally, Why BTC May Resume Spike
The bitcoin price has surpassed $ 32,000 and hit a new all-time high of around $ 34,780 per US dollar.

A new all-time high was formed around $ 34,780 before the price began a downward correction. There was a break below the $ 33,500 and $ 33,000 levels. The price tested the $ 32,500 zone where it found strong support.
Bitcoin began to consolidate in a range above the $ 32,500 zone. It climbed above the $ 33,000 level. T

Ethereum Soars To $ 1000, Why ETH Could Rise To $ 1200
Ethereum is up over 25% and even surpassed $ 1,000 against the US dollar.

Over the past two days, the Ethereum rate has risen significantly above the $ 700 resistance level. ETH is up more than 25% and cleared many important hurdles around the $ 800 zone.
On the monthly chart of ETH / USD, there was a break above a pair of bullish continuation patterns around $ 500. This opened the door for sustained growth above $ 600 and $ 700. There was also a decent close above the $ 750 level and the 100-month simple moving average.

Ripple Supporters Ask The White House To Classify XRP As A Digital Currency
In an effort to support Ripple, XRP supporters have decided to petition the White House asking them to declare the asset a virtual currency.

The movement was spearheaded by an anonymous supporter with the initials “J.W.” According to the petition, some people in the cryptocurrency industry believe that the lawsuit brought against Ripple for selling XRP is unfounded.
In the petition, Ripple supporters claim XRP has already been classified as a currency by the Financial Crime Network. They also remind that the Securities and Exchange Commission’s lawsuit claiming XRP should be registered as a security has damaged the US market, wiping out billions of investments.

Chainlink Jumps 25% Why It May Face Resistance Around $ 16
Chainlink up 25% and overcame many hurdles around $ 14

On the 4 hours chart of the Chainlink / USD pair, there was a clear break above the main bearish trendline with resistance at $ 12.30. The pair broke through the resistance of $ 13.50 and moved into the positive zone. There was also a break above the 76.4% Fibonacci retracement level of the key decline from the swing high of $ 14.56 to the swing low of $ 8.71.
The pair is currently gaining momentum above the $ 14.00 level and the 100 simple moving average. It is also trading above the $ 14.56 swing high.

Crypto Whales Moved A Colossal $ 1.26 Billion In Bitcoin As BTC Drops Above 34,200
Major Cryptocurrency Holders Transferred $ 1.26 Billion After Bitcoin Surpassed 34,000

Over the past fourteen hours, the cryptographic tracker Whale Alert has recorded nine giant bitcoin transactions, with between 2,000 and 9,000 bitcoins. Among them were a few cones worth 5625 BTC and 3895 BTC.
The largest amount of BTC moved in one go was 9,156 bitcoins.

SushiSwap Trading Volumes Hit New All-Time High Amid DeFi Market Heat
It looks like the decentralized finance boom is back after a long hiatus.

As noted by Darryl Wang, investment analyst at DeFiance Capital, daily trading volume on SushiSwap has reached a new all-time high of $ 355 million.
Seven-day trailing volumes reached $ 1.26 billion, making SushiSwap one of the most popular decentralized exchanges.
On an annualized basis, SUSHI members receive $ 33 million in commission per year.

More than $ 100 million stolen from DeFi projects in 2020
In 2020, the cryptocurrency industry as a whole has experienced tremendous growth.

The total market capitalization rose from $ 340 billion in January to a new record of over $ 800 billion, more than double its value.
However, the growth of decentralized finance is even more significant. Data shows that the total cost of DeFi protocols is currently over $ 15 billion, up 2,500% from March.

Litecoin flips Ripple XRP for $ 167, Mimblewimble hype kicks off builds
LTC is trading at $ 167 with a market cap of $ 10.9 billion.

Over the past month, the price of LTC has increased by almost 100% as a result of a strong market rally. What’s more, the drop in XRP could also be one of the reasons more money flows into LTC. On the other hand, some kind of institutional activity is gaining momentum in Litecoin. The Grayscale Litecoin Trust currently manages over $ 145 million in assets. LTCN AUM is also up more than 100% since the beginning of December 2020.

Social media interest in bitcoin hits record high
As the price of bitcoin rises, the cryptocurrency has disrupted several key Twitter metrics.

Twitter analyst data shows that as Bitcoin continues to hit record highs of $ 30,000, social media interest in digital currency is also setting new records for numerous key metrics.