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Bitcoin Shows Highest Weekly Close Since Jan 18, While ETH Expects $ 400
Bitcoin is still holding above the $ 13,000 mark.

After hitting two consecutive annual highs for several days, Bitcoin has calmed down but is still hovering at over $ 13,000. Most of the alternative coins have remained relatively stable, and the market cap has not yet surpassed $ 400 billion.
Bitcoin stays above $ 13k

DEX volume rises to $ 5 billion after $ 25 million DeFi hack
On the decentralized exchanges Uniswap and Curve Finance, trading volume has skyrocketed, exceeding $ 2 billion each.

Uniswap’s daily trading volume today surged to more than $ 2 billion, surpassing its previous record high of $ 950 million as the as-yet-unidentified DeFi hacker used “quick credits” offered by the exchange to withdraw $ 25 million from Harvest Finance. Meanwhile, Curve Finance, another DeFi exchange protocol, recorded over $ 2.8 billion in volume, beating the previous all-time high of just $ 524 million in September 2020. Taken together, this $ 5 billion represents a 1700% 24-hour increase in DEX volumes.
DEX volumes increased

Toyota IT subsidiary experiments with its own private digital currency
Toyota Systems announced that it is experimenting with a digital currency solution in a new pilot project with DeCurret.

This new project will automate payments using its own digital currency for 2,500 Toyota Systems employees. Payments made in this digital currency are related to social security, such as employee benefits. Employees can also exchange digital currency benefits for other social points or gifts listed in the directory, the company said. However, the company stressed that this digital currency cannot be exchanged for yen.
Toyota Systems Experiments With Digital Currency

Bitcoin Starts Dropping After $ 1.15 Billion Transaction
A whale transferred $ 1.15 billion worth of bitcoins, the largest transaction in history.

Over $ 1.15 billion worth of bitcoin was transferred in just one giant transaction.
The destination of one of the largest bitcoin transfers in history remains unknown.

XRP fell heavily amid new lows amid the Bitcoin inflow.
XRP is currently in a difficult situation with respect to Bitcoin.

XRP was moving sideways today as it continues to trade slightly above the $ 0.252 level. The cryptocurrency has made several attempts to break through the $ 0.261 resistance over the past few days, but has failed each time. On Bitcoin, XRP problems continue as sellers push it back to the Otober lows at 1915 SAT.

Bitcoin Addresses With Over 1000 BTC Reach New High
The data released by Glassnode may be the result of an institutional investor takeover of Bitcoin.

According to data released by Glassnode, the total number of bitcoin addresses with a balance of 1,000 bitcoins or more has reached a new record high.

BTC hash rate plummeted amid seasonal migration of miners in China
Mining data aggregators have linked the drop in Bitcoin hashrate to the end of the rainy season in Sichuan.

On October 26, Thomas Heller of the Bitcoin mining blog Hashr8 reported that approximately 22 exahashes per second of mining power left the Bitcoin network, coinciding with the end of the season the day before.

North America and Europe control 88% of all Lightning Network nodes.
North America and Europe run the Lightning Network.

According to a report from the University of Vienna, 45% of all Lightning Network nodes operate in North America, with the vast majority in the United States. Lightning Labs, the lead developer of this scaling solution, is registered in that country. Blockstream, the largest Bitcoin developer, is registered in Canada.

Marathon Buys More Antminers To Become The Best Bitcoin Miner In The US
The purchase from Bitmain increases the power of Marathon to 23,560 miners.

Marathon Patent Group Inc., a leading independent Bitcoin mining company, has contracted with Bitmain to purchase an additional 10,000 next-generation Antminer S-19 Pro ASIC miners.

East meets West: Eight Leading Projects Join DeFi Global Alliance
Eight leading DeFi projects in the Western world join industry consortium

The alliance, founded last month, seeks to bring together the leaders of the DeFi sector by forming a global consortium of collaboration focused on innovation, risk management and liquidity strategies.

Beware: Latest Spread of Ledger Email Phishing Scam
The crypto industry is awash with fraudsters hunting the vulnerable.

Consumers who have purchased Ledger hardware wallets are awakened by nasty emails claiming their crypto assets could be stolen.
The first round of fake emails asked for a 24-word recovery phrase, and Ledger responded with a warning emailed to customers confirming that it would never ask for it.

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