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Crypto's Nightmare Scenario Just Happened

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00:00 Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful.
00:45 Crypto devastation
13:54 Apple loses #1 spot
17:41 Google copies Apple
22:51 Twitter CEO fire employees
26:08 Tesla converted into a tank
30:26 Big leap for Android Auto
34:42 Russia hit hard by microchip sanctions
37:11 Finland / NATO
40:19 Sony’s new headset
42:57 Lamborghini insane camera rig
46:53 LEGO Optimus Prime
49:13 Coca-Cola 1960 marketing campaign
52:43 James Cromwell Starbucks controversy
1:04:59 Climbing snake has perfect technique
1:07:44 Vans shoes conspiracy
1:11:33 Angry farmer wrecks car with bulldozer
1:15:37 Turtles balancing on log
1:17:25 Ryan’s snacks

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