5 Reasons Why You Should Never Invest in Daily Passive BTC LTD

Are you interested in investing in Daily Passive BTC LTD?


Daily Passive BTC LTD is a scam. It’s investment fraud. That’s why the SEC issued an advisory to the public against investing in the said entity.

However, despite the warning from the government regulator, still, people continue to join, invest, and promote Daily Passive.

We believe you are one of these who were lured into joining the company. Thankfully, you are here doing the homework to know what Daily Passive BTC LTD is.

In this article, we dig deeper into the web to understand the company. As a result, we identified the following as few reasons why you should not spend your money on this scheme.

1. Daily Passive BTC LTD is a reboot of Bitrade Bitcoin Trading LTD

On March 31, 2020, the SEC of the Philippines, advised the public not to invest in Bitrade Bitcoin Trading LTD. This company has been soliciting investments illegally from the public.  People are lured for a guaranteed return of 20% for 15 days up to 40% per month.

Records from EURID.eu showed 3 days before the issuance of the SEC advisory, Bitrade registered the domain name dailypassive.eu.

Bitrade Registrant of Daily Passive
Bitrade as registrant of dailypassive.eu domain.

Since recruitment for Bitrade has slowed down due to the SEC warning, people behind Bitrade established Daily Passive to continue their illegal activities.

2. Daily Passive BTC LTD offers CAPTCHA encoding, an activity used by hackers and spammers

We discussed CAPTCHA encoding in our PlanProMatrix review.

CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) is the text or image you are required to input by various websites to eliminate bots from humans.

Sites use CAPTCHA to prevent spammers and hackers from instantly doing a particular action using automated scripts or “Bots.”

Cybercriminals use these scripts or bots to hacks passwords of Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Facebook, and other accounts. Furthermore, bots can create many email addresses automatically and use them in posting spam comments in different blogs.

Thus, think before you do the Daily Passive BTC LTD data entry job. In reality, a CAPTCHA encoder helps hackers and spammers facilitate their unethical or illegal works.

3. Chinese business tycoon, Ms. Lian Chen, spearheads the company

The official website of Daily Passive says Ms. Lian Chen heads the company. However, digital records from the UK’s Companies House showed it was Jige Zhang who heads the entity. The same person who registered the entity in the UK.

Fake Founder of Daily Passive BTC LTD
Founder of Daily Passive BTC LTD

4. Daily Passive uses a virtual (fake) address to register in the UK

UK’s Companies House listed “27 Old Gloucester Street, London, United Kingdom, WC1N 3AX” as its address. However, a quick search in Google reveals it is a virtual (fake) address.

You can buy the exact address here.

5. Promoting Daily Passive BTC LTD could put you in jail

According to the SEC, those who promote this company may be prosecuted and held criminally liable. You will be penalized for Php5 Million or imprisoned for 21 years or both if you are a promoter of Daily Passive.

A Clue for the Authorities

Look at the domain registration in number 1. Bitrade used an email “ [email protected]”.

Email used to register Daily Passive BTC LTD

The above email address will provide a clue to the investigator handling the case of Daily Passive. Using Spokeo, one can determine the identity of the person behind Bitrade’s email.


Daily Passive BTC LTD is a big scam. The SEC considered it an illegal investment activity.  

We have given you a few reasons to avoid this scam company. Better spend your money on something else.

If you are a victim, please report to the authorities. Contact the SEC, NBI, or PNP Cybercrime so that an appropriate action can be made.

Daily Passive will not last long. So, stop recruiting now and admit that you had been scammed.

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