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DC Comics to Give Away Batman and Superman NFTs for Free

DC Comics fans will be able to get their hands on free NFTs of their favorite superheroes such as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

DC Comics collaborated with Palm NFT Studio to launch its non-fungible token collection. The NFTs will include Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and others.

DC Comics to Give Free NFTs to Fans
Photo Credit: DC Comics

DC’s Superheroes as NFTs

DC Comics, one of the biggest and oldest US comic book publishers, will expand its NFT efforts by publishing a new collection of superheroes. Its most popular superheroes are included in the inaugural NFT collection. From October 5th, collectors may get Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Latern NFTs.

Moreover, everyone joining up for DC Fandome, DC’s annual virtual event, will get a free NFT. On October 16th, the event will be live-streamed worldwide. Collectors may also earn a supplementary NFT by sharing the collection on social media.

DC announced in a press statement that each character would have three rarities: common, rare, and legendary. Every renowned comic book character will have three NFT covers.

DC Comics Versus Marvel in the World of NFTs

Notably, Marvel Entertainment, DC Comics’ main competitor, has also jumped on the NFT bandwagon by releasing a non-fungible token collection.

For the first official release of Spider-Man NFTs, Marvel teamed up with blockchain-based digital collectibles marketplace VeVe. There were five different superheroes in the first run, with prices ranging from $40 to $400 each.

Marvel also established its own NFT exchange on Binance Smart Chain last summer. You may digitalize your own work and earn $MV, the ecosystem’s native currency. Since then, its unique play-to-earn concept has reportedly been a huge hit!

So it’s no surprise that DC Comics has joined the NFT revolution. After all, the comic book business has always supported collectors. Non-fungible tokens, according to Chief Creative Officer Lee, have revolutionized superhero culture.

Their focus was on translating and adapting old covers to modern formats like NFTs. A tribute to their 87 year heritage, this drop imagines NFTs as the key to unlocking new DC content and experiences.