Difference Between BTC USD and USDT

For this moment, a lot of crypto coins are already in circulation as more and more platforms start receiving cryptocurrency as payment. 

This article is going to dwell on two crypto coins that have been at the top: the most expensive coin in the world, Bitcoin (BTC), and the third-largest coin by market value Tether (USDT). Both of them are notable and popular targets for investment. We will also see how to exchange this pair, with Bitcoin being the base currency in BTC to USDT exchange. 

What You Should Know About Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is one of the most popular pairing options for crypto exchanges. Every other digital asset can be exchanged for Bitcoin. Furthermore, a very limited number of Bitcoins can exist (21 million), which makes the coin attain even more value.

What can be inconvenient when exchanging for BTC? In most cases, this is annoyingly slow transactions and high withdrawal fees. However, having some Bitcoins in your account can enrich your financial portfolio and help you move further. 

Basic Info About Tether (USDT): What to Expect Exchanging for Tether

As one of the strongest stablecoins, Tether tends to get more and more attention from crypto admirers, and the more this demand grows, the more popular this coin becomes. 

USDT is a dollar-based cryptocurrency. This means that the coin will be stable in retaining a peg equal to 1 USD for every token. 

That is why many beginner and experienced investors tuck away their funds in USDT. On the one hand, this expands the range of crypto coins at their disposal and allows them to speculate on them. On the other hand, this makes them stay away from crypto roller-coaster fluctuations. 

Tether or Bitcoin: That Is the Question 

The main difference between the two coins is that USDT is a stablecoin — the one linked to the real-life asset (U.S. dollar). 

The value of Bitcoin, in contrast, isn’t grounded in any real-world commodity such as physical money or precious metals. Instead, its price is determined by factors, including supply and demand. 

Thus, if you want to stay on the safer side and avoid radical price fluctuations, it’s better to go for Tether, so this article on BTC to USDT trading is for you. 

Where Can I Exchange Bitcoin (BTC) to Tether (USDT) Securely?

Since many services offer BTC to Tether trading, you should know where this operation can be the safest and most profitable. 

As an example of a nice place to trade some Bitcoin for Tether at a good rate chosen by the smart algorithm, we can advise LetsExchange. But, how exactly to perform it?

On the website,, find the exchange widget and first see what you will get as a result. 

  1. Provide the crypto coin to sell (BTC).
  2. Specify the amount.
  3. Select the currency for purchasing (Tether).

The necessary amount of Tether coins will appear in your wallet. The procedure of swapping coins in the same direction is pretty much the same, only with a deposit to complete the transaction.

Atom as the Answer to Blockchain Limitations: Atom Price Prediction for This Year 

Atom coin belonging to the Cosmos project is a new and promising digital currency with growth prospects for the next few years. The key novelty is replacing the old proof of work protocols that have been proven slow, costly, and harmful for the planet. Instead, links within the Cosmos ecosystem are smooth, safe, and secure. 

The year 2022, as for Atom price prediction, promises to show the dominance of bearish trends, with the ATOM price on average being around 17 USD. However, some overly positive analysts say the coin might reach 30 USD and more.