Droidjo Review 2019: Legitimate Opportunity or a Big Scam?

Is Droidjo legit or scam? Find out in this review.

You come to this blog because you want to know if Droidjo is legitimate or not. You are curious because they promise you to earn unlimited income for a minimal investment.

We understand you want to ensure that your hard-earned money will not be wasted for something else. Hence, we created this Droidjo review for you.

In this article, we will examine the company’s business model to determine if its legit or not. Also, we will uncover who are the persons behind Droidjo.

So, keep reading.

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What is Droidjo

Droidjo’s official website does not provide any information about the company. Its page is still under development.

However, our review of various social media post and videos indicates that Droidjo offers a business opportunity to its members. Many members said that while using the application, you can generate unlimited possibilities of earnings.

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We cannot find any physical address of the enterprise. Its contact numbers are nowhere to be seen. The webpage did not disclose the people behind it.

Droidjo is DTI-registered under the name “Droidjo Digital Marketing Services”.

Founder and CEO

Our source told us that Kenerdz Valle is the founder of Droidjo.  However, rather than running the business himself, he appointed Rhonnell Burton to run the company.

Founder and CEO of Droidjo
Photo from Facebook

Valle is the noted scammer who built Pluggle and Giggle more than a year ago. To know more about Pluggle, check this SEC advisory.

Mr. Valle has a very close relationship with the Paysbook scammer, Mr. Gallenero. Just look how sweet they are.

Gallenero and Valle, Droidjo Founder
Photo from Facebook


The company’s official compensation plan video describes Droidjo as a multi-function mobile app. It is said the application has fantastic features and lucrative digital services.

Contrary to what the promoters said, Droidjo’s features are not unique compared to the online MLM scams we have examined. In fact, most of its functions are like Paysbook, Unity Wealth, and PlanProMatrix.

For instance, the platform provides e-loading, bills payment, and flight bookings. These services are widespread in online business scams because these can be integrated easily into their websites or applications.

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Also, Droidjo is not authorized to collect payments in behalf of the companies listed in the bills payment section. This information was based on our confirmation of the utilities and credit card companies.

Thus, your money is at risk once you use them to pay your bills. Check the video to know more about Droidjo.

Products and Services

Droidjo has no identifiable products to sell. Instead, it collects money from you so that you can begin referring others.

More importantly, you need to pay for an activation code to earn money from their platform. Once your account is activated, you can now start recruiting others.

The prices of membership vary. The basic account sells at Php1,000 while the premium cost Php3,000. The VIP package will cost you Php4,000. Droidjo allows multiple heads up to 7 accounts.

How to Earn

The main reason why people buy Droidjo’s membership is to make money. To get quick money from Droidjo, you need to recruit others.

We don’t believe that the current members profited from e-loading and travel and tour business. These services are saturated.

You can buy top-ups anywhere. Also, you can book flights for yourself online. Certainly, the interest of the members is not on these services but the recruitment side.

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Below are the ways you can make money with Droidjo using the referral system.

  1. Earn Php100 for each direct referral.
  2. Make Php10 for each indirect referral per level up to 10th
  3. Get Php250 for each pair of your binary with a limit of 10 pairs per day.
  4. If you are a premium or VIP account holder, you will have additional Php350 per pair in every level. It is limited up to the 10th
  5. In a Top-Up Unilevel, you can earn Php10 per account in each level up to 10th level.

The following are additional rewards which are not implemented yet and available only in premium and VIP accounts. These rewards are convertible to redeemable shopping points.

  1. Earn P20 per download for 50 users.
  2. Get call rewards of P1.00 per Minute.
  3. Receive chat Rewards of P0.10 per message.

Marketing Strategy

Droidjo’s marketing strategy is promoting the application on social media. They advertise the platform as a mobile application affiliate marketing with a profitable digital business.

Also, they show their earnings (from recruitment) and lure the prospects to join. They make the public believe that Droidjo can make them rich.

Is Droidjo a Scam?

We believe that Droidjo is a scam. Its business model is like a pyramid scheme. Its only source of income is from the recruitment of affiliate.

Although it offers e-loading, bills payment, and travel booking, people will not use these services. Online MLM scams use these features because these can be added easily. What the members are buying from the company is the right to recruit other people.

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When you activate your account, a portion of your payment will go to your sponsor’s pocket. In essence, income from Droidjo is financed solely from the chain of recruitment.

Article 4(k) of the Consumer Act of the Philippines (R.A 7394) defines a Pyramid scheme. Article 53 of the same law prohibits such practice.

Section 4(k) of R.A. 7394

Moreover, we believe the company is selling an unregistered investment. The purchase of multiple accounts up to 7 heads is evidence that the enterprise is selling not just an ordinary digital product.

Instead, it sells an investment contract which requires a Secondary License from the SEC. This investment contract requires SEC registration before it can be sold or offer for sale to the public.

For a detailed explanation on this topic, please read our PlanProMatrix, Unity Wealth or Paysbook review.

Possible Violations

Our researchers have identified the following possible violations of the subject enterprise.

  1. The Data Privacy Act of 2012 and its IRR (R.A 10173)- The company failed to disclose its privacy policy when it collects personal information.
  2. Consumer Act of the Philippines and its IRR (R.A 7394)- The company’s business model looks like a pyramid sales scheme.
  3. Securities Regulations Code and its IRR (R.A 8799)- The subject firm is selling an investment contract which requires a Secondary License and should be registered before it can be sold to or offer for sale to the public.

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Filing of Formal Complaint

Concerns related to data privacy should be filed to the National Privacy Commission. Visit this link for issues related to privacy.

For Pyramid schemes, the DTI will hear your case. The SEC of the Philippines investigates matters related to investments.

You can contact the SEC’s Enforcement and Investor Protection Department at 02-818-6047 or send them an email via [email protected].

Droidjo Review Conclusion

Our review concludes that Droidjo is a Pyramid scam. Thus, we advise you to stay away from it.

It has no identifiable products or services to sell. The company generates income primarily from the recruitment of members.

We are not convinced that the services it offers are profitable online business opportunities. Instead, these are used to hide its illegal activities from the authorities.

Furthermore, we think that the company is selling an unregistered investment. Allowing its members to buy up to seven accounts is evidence that the entity is selling an investment contract.

We recommend that you file a formal complaint against the owner, officers, and promoters of Droidjo. Please share this review for public awareness. Thank you for reading.

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