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EOS MANDEL Meeting #20 (June 22nd 2022)

This week the Mandel huddle group debates to Go or no-go on activating new features for RC1, Waiting for RC2 before upgrading and BPs signing MSIG on Kylin.

🟢 In progress action items are on track:
Mandel software development #41
Development for Mandel 3.1.0-rc2 to address bugs identified in RC1.
will contain changes for EVM and SHIP
no release date set yet. Probably in a week or so, or possibly as early as Friday.
mandel-cdt rc1 will release at around the same time as RC2
mandel-contracts rc1 would come later
Platform Support #55
Unit testing and debugging tools for smart contracts are in the process of being documented for D.U.N.E.
Test Mandel on Jungle 4 #44
Go/no-go outcome for feature activation of EVM features on Jungle4:
No go for June 22 activation. Next go/no-go decision will be on June 29.
Need to wait for Mandel 3.1 RC2 release (1-2 weeks)
Need 21 BPs on Jungle4 to upgraded to RC2 before activation
Need to make sure we have a working history solution
Testnet strategy #40
EOS Nation has proposed an MSIG on Kylin to update EOSIO permissions granting authority to EOS Nation and EOS USA to facilitate more rapid updates in preparation for testing.
BPs on Kylin, please review and approve the MSIG
Participants (20)
Host: Daniel Keyes | EOS Nation
Matt Witherspoon
EOSUSA Michael
Kevin Heifner
Yves La Rose
Matt Witherspoon
Jeff Werner
Genie Kim – EOSeoul# NEOPLY
Max_Cho EdenOnEOS Member-South Korea
Brendon Ross
Zack Gall
Bucky Kittinger
Ted Cahall
Randall Roland
Denis Carriere
Ross (EOSphere)
junhank | NodeONE
Johnsonb – Object Computing# Inc.

00:00:00 Recap and agenda by Daniel Keyes
00:01:12 Mandel Software Development by Ted, bucky, Michael
00:06:21 Testing on Jungle 4 by Yves, Michael, Daniel
00:06:59 Go/no-go on activating features – Mathew by Yves, Michael, Ted
00:16:34 Testing History solutions on Mandel by Michael, Yves
00:22:41 Wait for RC2 before upgrading by Kevin, Michael, Yves
00:25:12 Sign MSIG on Kylin for God Mode by Daniel Keyes
00:27:46 End

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