Episode 234 – zkEVM with Scroll’s Ye Zhang and Haichen Shen

In this week’s episode Anna Rose and Tarun Chitra chat with Ye Zhang and Haichen Shen, the founders of Scroll – a native zkEVM Layer 2 Solution for Ethereum. They cover the founding of Scroll, the problems they aim to solve with their native zkEVM layer 2 solution, why scaling Ethereum is important, the philosophy of their zkEVM, and how this differs from other proposals, as well as potential use cases or products that could benefit from the system. They wrap up with an exploration of how Dapps and products on top of such as zkEVM may interact with the mainchain and with other applications.

Here are some links for this episode:
– https://zeroknowledge.fm/episode-194-zkevm-with-jordi-david-from-hermez/ – zkEVM with Jordi and David from Polygon Hermez
– https://scroll.io/ – Scroll Tech Home
– https://github.com/scroll-tech – Scroll Tech Github
– https://ethresear.ch/t/introducing-scroll-a-new-layer2-solution/9186 – Scroll Whitepaper
– https://soc1024.ece.illinois.edu/ – Andrew Miller at UIUC
– https://ethereum.github.io/yellowpaper/paper.pdf – Ethereum Yellow Paper
– https://vitalik.ca/general/2022/03/29/road.html – Ethereum Design Decisions


Interview Timeline
00:00:00 Introduction
00:03:30 The scroll project
00:10:17 Why Scroll native zkEVM L2
00:14:00 The philosophy of their zkEVM
00:21:45 History of zkEVM
00:25:50 Plonkish Arithmetization (aka Ultra Plonk)
00:29:48 Potential use cases and products
00:31:24 zkEVM vs other rollups
00:33:19 Sequencers & Rollers
00:44:47 Scroll Hardware acceleration
00:51:35 zkEVM Bridges and Interoperability
01:00:39 zkEVM Timeline, p1 testnet coming soon
01:02:33 Credits


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Episode 234. Aired June 15, 2022

Episode 234: zkEVM with Scroll’s Ye Zhang and Haichen Shen