Fast Track Worldwide (FTW) Review 2019: For The Win or For The Scam?

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Is Fast Track Worldwide (FTW) legit or scam? Read on and find out. Updated June 18, 2019

Remember Unity Network?

Yes, that was the business of Eduard Reformina once flagged by the SEC for selling an unregistered investment.

Many of its promoters believe that the company can still recruit more people after the SEC warning. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

Although it still operates, the entry of money is no longer the same. And the best thing to do is move on and create a new one.

So, recently these promoters (who made millions from recruits) built Fast Track Worldwide Incorporated. They are now back to make money from you again.

Can you make money with Fast Track Worldwide? What are its products? Is it not a pyramid scheme?

If you are interested to know about this new money-making activity, then this article is worth your time.

Fast Track Worldwide is Pyramid Scheme, a Scam
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Same style. Same strategy. Same scam. A product-based pyramid scheme. Relies on the recruitment of new members rather than the sale of the actual product to the public. The product has no demand. Avoid it at all cost.

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Company Profile

There isn’t enough information about Fast Track Worldwide Incorporated on the web. Its official website ( only shows a landing page with a video of its founders having a good time on the beach.

If you think the company is selling Yachts, operating a beach resort or a travel business, then you are wrong.

Time. Financial Freedom. Money

Sounds familiar right?

Indeed. Almost all MLMs do that. Putting that idea of being financially free is their ultimate goal. In essence, it’s their compensation plan that sells and not their products.

Here’s a screen grab of the company’s ambitious mission statement.

Fast Track Worldwide Incorporated Review

Perhaps, it’s a good company to invest in. What do you think?


Before you do that, let us know who the founders of Fast Track Worldwide are.


The top promoters of Unity Network have earned millions from the new members. Many were promised of unrealistic income, and many lose money because of that promises.

When the business is starting to collapse, they start their new money-making activity. The latest of which is Fast Track Worldwide Incorporated.

Excited to know who they are?

Fast Track Worldwide Incorporated Founders

Look at their faces. Perhaps you are one of those who lost money during their time at Unity Network. Thanks to your money, they are now living the life they want to be.

Are you not going to report them? We think you should. Because they are now back trying to lure you using their b***shit product.

Products and Services

Currently, Fast Track Worldwide Inc. has only one product available. It is called Organi-C. You’ll be surprised what this product can do to your body.

As of writing this food supplement is not FDA approved yet. Hence, it’s risky to sell this stuff.

Fast Track Worldwide Incorporated Organi-C

It must be a miracle product because it contains anti-cancer properties, isn’t it?

Don’t be shocked by those exaggerated claims because you’ll always find that in most MLM companies.

However, you can always slap their faces with Article 112 of the Consumer Act of the Philippines that prohibits such misleading advertisements.

Article 112 of R.A 7394

Fast Track Worldwide says it has several products in-lined. It claims that these products are top trending in health and lifestyle category.

Fast Track Worldwide Incorporated Products and Services

You have wait though when will those items be launched. Or, if they will be released at all.

You might be asking if there is any demand for their product. Unfortunately, there is none. However, there is a strong demand for their compensation plan though.

How to Join in Fast Track Worldwide

To join the company, you must purchase the builder package worth Php1,499. This package includes the following:

  1. Replicated Websites/Funnels
  2. Complete BackOffice System
  3. Fulfillment Center/ Drop Shipping Tech
  4. Automated Systems & Follow-ups
  5. Winners Elite Bootcamp
  6. Exclusive Product Discount
  7. Unlimited Income Opportunity
  8. 6 bottles of Organi-C

So, you see. The bottles of Organi-C are bundled in a package to it appear like a legitimate sale.

Scams like AIM Global, Paysbook, Salveo World, Ideal Prime Ventures International, and many others also use the same strategy.

That should alarm you.

What do you think is the motive of people joining this company?

Of course. You didn’t come here because you want to try that shitty product that contains anti-cancer properties.

Neither you are here because you want that 6 bottles of crappy stuff to sell.

The truth is, you are here because you want to know if you can make money with Fast Track Worldwide.

How to Earn in Fast Track Worldwide

Like most MLMs and online business scams we have reviewed, Fast Track Worldwide put more emphasis on its compensation plan.

You must understand that because it sells a crappy product with no demand.

So, to convince you, its compensation plan promises unrealistic returns that are only possible when you are at the top of the pyramid scheme.

Fast Track Worldwide Incorporated Double Income

Here are the ways to make money with Fast Track

  1. Earn up to 30% or more for each product sold using your affiliate link.
  2. Get Php120 as a direct referral bonus for every builder package purchased.
  3. Receive Php150 for every left and right match (binary system) in your organization.
  4. If you earn your first Php1,000, Php10,000, Php100,000, and Php1,000,000 Fast Track will double your income.

To maximize their income (not your income) the company sells builder package up to 63 accounts. A screengrab of their wild assumptions is shown below.

Max Pairing Income for Multiple Accounts

Is Fast Track Worldwide (FTW) a Pyramid Scheme?

Jon M. Taylor, MBA, Ph.D., author of the book titled The Case (for and) against Multi-level Marketing which was published in the US FTC website, says:

FTC officials warned that “multi-leveling” poses “an intolerable potential to deceive.” MLM is the direct descendent of classic, no-product pyramid schemes. With expansive pay plans and an endless chain of recruitment, MLM assumes both infinite and virgin markets – neither of which exists. MLM is therefore inherently flawed, uneconomic and deceptive.

Read his practical definition on MLM below:

“Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a purported income opportunity, in which persons recruited into a company sponsored program make ongoing purchases of products and services, and are incentivized to recruit others to do the same, in a program dependent on unlimited recruitment of a network of endless chains of recruitment and personal consumption, in order to qualify for commissions and bonuses and to advance upward in the hierarchy of levels in a pyramid of participants. Product purchases become the means of disguising or laundering investments in what is, in fact, an endless chain opportunity scheme – or product-based pyramid scheme.”

Furthermore, he added;

“Typically, prospects are lured into the scheme with exaggerated product and income claims. And because the pay plan is heavily stacked in favor of those at the highest levels in the pyramid, the vast majority of participants spend more than they receive and eventually drop out, only to be replaced by a stream of similarly misled recruits, approximately 99% of whom are likewise destined to experience loss and disappointment.”

To summarize what Taylor said, MLM is a product-based pyramid scheme. In pyramid schemes almost, all people in the structure lose their money.

Is Fast Track Worldwide an exception to Taylor’s 15-year study? We don’t think so. We think Fast Track Worldwide is a Pyramid Scheme.

According to Article 4(k) of the Consumer Act of the Philippines (R.A 7394);

Pyramid Sales Schemes means sales devices whereby a person, upon condition that he makes an investment, is granted by the manufacturer of his representative a right to recruit for profit one or more additional persons who will also be granted such right to recruit upon condition of making similar investments: Provided, That the profits of the person employing such a plan are derived primarily from the recruitment of other persons into the plan rather than from the sale of consumer products, services and credit: Provided, further, That the limitation on the number of participants does not change the nature of the plan.

Pyramid schemes are prohibited under Section 53 of the same law.

Here’s Why We Think Fast Track is a Pyramid Scheme and A Scam

First, you will make an investment on the company by buying a package (bundled with products) which served as your registration fee.

After that, you will now have the right to recruit for profit one or more persons who will also be granted such right to recruit for profit one or more additional persons upon making similar investments.

While a package may appear as legitimate sale, we think it is not. Because people who join this scheme buy the income opportunity rather than the product itself.

Can Fast Track Worldwide sells its merchandise to the public? To the people who are not members of the company? Again, we don’t think people who are not affiliates of the company will buy their goods.

Just because Fast Track Worldwide has a product doesn’t mean it’s legitimate.

Do you think the public (not members of the company) will buy that shitty Organi-C? Off course not. It has no demand. You don’t need it, I don’t it and people don’t it either.

Those products bundled in packages which you can get upon payment of registration fee is just a trick. It’s a cover-up to hide the company’s illegal activity from the authorities.

Remember this.

A business will not survive if there is no demand for its products.

If Fast Track Worldwide can’t sell its product to the general public how does it make money?

Simple. By recruiting others to the pyramid scheme. Pyramid sales schemes are illegal; hence Fast Track Worldwide is a scam.

The company’s business model depends on the entry of recruits. The more recruits you have, the higher your profit will be.

Most of the income of this company belongs to the people on top of the pyramid. That include the founders and early promoters.

Additionally, we find Fast Track selling an unregistered investment. Selling up to 63 accounts is evidence that it is selling not the usual food supplement.

Why Fast Track Worldwide Sells an Investment Contract

An investment contract according to the Amended Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of Securities and Regulations Code (R.A. No. 8799), is a transaction or scheme whereby a person invests his money in a common enterprise. Then, he is led to expect profits primarily from the efforts of others.

In our opinion, the scheme used by FTW meets all the elements of an investment contract.

First, as to the first requisite, there is an investment in money when an investor commits money to an enterprise. Fast Track Worldwide sells a starter Package for cash at Php1,499.00.

Second, there is a common enterprise when two or more investors “pool” their resources.  In this case, the invested money is under the control of FTW which decides as to what to do with the amount.

FTW uses part of the money while a portion is paid to pay the promised returns to its members.

Third, investors or members of FTW are attracted primarily by the prospects of a return on his investment. The investment in money is made with a view of receiving profits.

Take a look at this claim of one of their founders.  What do you think a prospect will expect from a post that says “Kumita Online”? Of course, a profit.

So, they are offering a life-changing income? A true online business you can do at home? Another founder says so. Clearly, there is an expectation of profit.

There is so much evidence you can find in their closed group. You can join here.

FTW James Guillera Claims

Last, expected profits in Fast Track Worldwide arise primarily from the efforts of others. Under the scheme, the accumulated amount received by the investor comes mainly from the efforts of his recruits.

In addition, one of the founders says they are offering a smart-all-in-one and hassle-free business (see pic above).


Avoid Fast Track Worldwide at all cost. It’s a scam, a pyramid scheme and selling an unregistered investment.

You can make money with the company. However, you can only do so when you recruit others. Its product is not marketable.

Pyramid schemes, like Fast Track Worldwide, depend on the entry of new members. The payment of these new members is the income of their uplines and the company itself.

Like Unity Network, this business will not last long. So, spend your money on something else instead of buying that useless Organi-C.

Overall, we recommend that you report the founders and promoters of this new scam to the NBI, DTI and SEC for proper investigation. These people are making millions at the expense of the poor downlines.

Please share this review to someone you know and let them do the same. Thanks to our reader for informing us about this newest scam.

Send us an email at admin(at)cyberbump(dot)net if you have something to tell.

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