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George Levy – #BlockchainChallenge Judge

George Levy will be joining some of the most transformative leaders of Miami Tech as a judge of the Blockchain Challenge.

Join the Blockchain Challenge in support of Miami’s futbol club, Miami FC!

1. Collect Captain Haiti’s NFT on the blockchain of your choice.
2. Use your NFT for a free admission to Miami FC’s home game on May 18th.
3. Join your section in the stadium for a chance to win Miami FC’s NFT.

Collect your Captain Haiti NFT Shield at:

Help your protocol win by sharing it’s YouTube video:

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The most transformative leaders of Miami Tech:
👨‍⚖️ Elijah Bowdre, Chairman, Cryptocurrency Taskforce:…

👨‍⚖️ Dr. Amy Betancourt, Senior Development Officer, FIU Foundation:…

👨‍⚖️ Bitcoin Queen, Bitcoiner:

👨‍⚖️ Roxette Miranda, Managing Director, The Lab Miami:…

👨‍⚖️ George Levy, Founder, Blockchain Institute of Technology:

👨‍⚖️ Whitney Lubin, Executive Director, Haitians in Tech:

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🎓 Crypto Class 101:
🗳️ Little Haiti DAO:
🇭🇹 How Haiti Exported Freedom:
⚒️: About Haiti Natural Resources:…

As the chairman of the charitable trust Captain Haiti Foundation, Nandy Martin empowers residents of Little Haiti with a crypto ecosystem that includes geolocated NFT and social economic tokens.

He is the social entrepreneur who created Miami’s 1st neighborhood token by minting 1 Million $LittleHaitiCoin on the Cardano Blockchain, a precursor for the City of Miami’s own $MiamiCoin.

He is also the creator of the very first educational Haitian Game App on Android: Captain Haiti.

Nandy’s contributions to the economic development of Little Haiti include the proposal of the Local Preference Program adopted by the $1.5B upcoming development, Magic City Innovation District – Little Haiti.

As the founder of the Little Haiti DAO, he is working along with new developers and residents of Little Haiti to increase their equity in their own community.

George Levy is an award-winning, best-selling instructor. As founder of the Blockchain Institute of Technology, he has taught cryptocurrency to over 150,000 students, including senior level executive teams at World Bank, and many others.

He will be joining some of the most transformative leaders of Miami Tech to judge Captain Haiti’s Blockchain Challenge.

In celebration of Haitian Flag Day, Captain Haiti has minted his Shield on 12 protocols.

By collecting one of his shields, you get 1 FREE access to Miami FC’s home game against Detroit FC. Each protocol has a designated section in the stadium.

Have fun wearing the colors of your protocol at the game. The section that exhibits the largest presence and spirit according to the judges will win the drop of Miami FC’s collectible NFT.

Collect your Captain Haiti shield now at