Press Release

Get Away From Centralized Exchanges – They Are Coming For Your Crypto

We are ambassadors to the beautiful country of El Salvador (The Saviour)
#ElSalvador was the first country to make #Bitcoin legal tender.
This has led to an economic boom within the country through increased #investment, #tourism and #GDP.
Before coming to El Salvador we did our best to research the country and opportunities but found their was very little information, especially in English.
When we arrived and found out the rumors were true and El Salvador was in fact paradise we decided to make it home and share the story of El Salvador with the world.
Our mission is to be your link to El Salvador and an International Ambassador to this spectacular little country.

Some of our specialties include…
Financial Services
Converting Bitcoin to dollars, Point of Sale for Business & Low interest loans for small business.

Legal Services
Corporation Setup, Residency, Citizenship, NGO’s, Accounting, Fin Tech, Litigation & more.

Real Estate
Land Development, Custom Beach Homes, Hotels, Commercial Plaza’s, Architecture & Design

Digital Asset Advisory
Portfolio Management, Security, Wallets, Exchanges, CEFI, DEFI, HYFI and more.

Events & Media
Videography, Photography, Lighting, Sound, Venues, Transport, Accommodation and more.

To set up a call and speak with a specialist, please visit