Gods Unchained – Hybrid Amazon gameplay. Very competitive deck!!!

Hi everyone. In this video I am playing an Amazon nature deck that I came up with some time ago but was waiting for Mortal Judgement release to add a few cards. The result so far is rewarding. Having a lot of fun with the deck. I hope you enjoy the video. Please leave a like if you do. Cheers!!!

The Deck: https://gudecks.com/decks/GU_1_5_BCRBCRBELBELBEuBEuKBLKBLKDUKDUCAECAECAyCBfCBfCBxCCOCCOCDMCDMCDYCDYCDfCFsCFsCFuCFuCFyGAbIDX?godPowers=101311&creator=AbbathGR&userId=3973&archetype=Amazon%20Nature