Have you been following gods unchained? In this video, we take a look at the latest price predictions of gods unchained!

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From Gods unchained whitepaper:

Since launching the beta in 2018, our game has garnered a community of over 450,000 registered players and
collectors. This community fervor has translated to more than $10 million USD in revenue to date, with over

$23 million USD traded from play to player. We’ve compiled a world-class team, and laid down the foundations
of a game with the tools necessary to bring blockchain technology to the masses, introducing mainstream
players to a new type of game in turn.

The key to a sustainable Play to Earn economy
In layman’s terms, Play to Earn means you can earn money, or assets with meaningful utility, just by playing the
game. In Gods Unchained, this is seen through the ability to earn in-game items that you can sell for real-world
cash, or use to help you become more competitive in-game.

Providing players with assets they can own, places they can trade, and rewards for their time is – to us – the
natural future of gaming. NFTs and virtual currency tokens have provided us the tools to pave the way for this
future, and Immutable X the means to scale it, the final piece of the puzzle is to implement truly rewarding and
sustainable Play to Earn mechanics.

The $GODS token is our solution to this – designed to form the cornerstone of Gods Unchained’s Play to Earn

Gods Unchained is built using a Games as a Service model. Instead of relying on a one-off purchase, we provide
a game that is free to play, releasing optional monetized content and features that work to enrich and expand
the game, without being a requirement to play the game. Below is an explanation of how in-game purchases
work in Gods Unchained.
F NFT “expansion set” sales (solG via the GoGs UnchaineG store)

The main in-game purchase in Gods Unchained is /FT card sales. While users can unlock core cards through
play, our team is constantly designing new sets of cards (known as “expansion sets”) in order to keep the
game exciting and provide users with new content.

Expansion sets are made up of a series of /FT cards (ERC-721 tokens) that can be found in card packs
(purchasable items that hold five randomized cards apiece) and chests (ERC-20 tokens that bundle together
multiple card packs).

Once purchased, these items can be used by players within Gods Unchained to build competitive decks and
play the game, or traded with other users outside the game like any other token.

Expansion sets consist of a finite amount of /FTs, making them more scarce than the core game’s cards.
Since the launch of the game, we have released and completely sold through two expansion sets, the
Genesis set and the Trial of the Gods set, with the total revenue generated by both sales exceeding $10

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