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Guild of Guardians is a role-playing game (RPG) with play-to-earn mechanics. It’s not available to play just yet, but there are already over 100 thousand users on the waitlist. It’s set to launch on mobile in early 2023. It runs on the high-speed Immutable X Ethereum layer-2 network. The goal of the blockchain game is to enable millions of potential players to turn their gaming passion into NFTs.
The Guild of Guardians gameplay mechanics are designed to create a fun and engaging experience for players while giving them enough challenges to keep them on their toes. For instance, players need to devise strategies to outdo others and win guild competitions.
The game also features a trading component where players can mint gaming NFTs or purchase them from secondary markets.
Despite being a Free to play game, Guild of Guardians will have its own economy backed by tokens and NFTs, giving users the opportunity to earn monetary rewards and assets that they can trade on the platform’s own gas-free marketplace, as well as on other exchanges and marketplaces.
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