Hodlnaut Halting Withdrawals! | My Mistake With My Bitcoin BTC… | Risk And Contagion In Crypto

Hodlnaut is halting withdrawals from 8th aug 2022. There will be updates on 19aug2022 but judging from what has happened to celcius, I’m preparing for the worst. I bought a cold wallet and moved out my ETH but my Bitcoin is still inside.

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✅ ENGAGE Josh Tan on a fee for financial planning to build towards for your retirement!
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0:00 Introduction
Be vigilant against any scammers that may be pretending to be them.
Only communication is email, twitter and telegram
Crypto space risk

1:07 Moving to cold wallet Ledger Nano S Plus
How this looks like 2008 subprime financial crisis
Moving my 24 ETH coins. I’ve kept the coins
I changed my MATIC coins to ETH and pumped into the cold wallet
I’m still keeping the solana coins and will be moving to the cold wallet in due time

4:50 Why my BTC is stuck in Hodlnaut
Don’t have too many investments all over the place

5:45 How to spot the next Celsius or a scam

6:48 Crypto needs regulation
Don’t write off crypto or this industry.

7:28 Rounding points if you have lost money

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