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How Life Insurance Works

How Life Insurance Works

Bitcoin (Crypto Currency)
Bitcoin (BTC) is the first decentralized digital currency, created in 2009. It was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto based on open source software and allows users to conduct peer-to-peer transactions over the internet which are recorded in a decentralized public ledger. Bitcoin has the largest market cap among all cryptocurrencies, 19 times larger than the second-ranked Ethereum. The number of units closed at 21 million, 16 million of which were available. The closure ensures that inflation will not devalue the currency.

When users allocate computer processing power in mining Bitcoins, they are rewarded with transaction fees and newly created coins. These units can be bought or sold against other cryptocurrencies or against fiat currencies such as USD or EUR on many exchanges, which operate like physical currency exchanges. Such units can also be kept or acquired in exchange for goods or services. TradingView, for example, accepts Bitcoin for annual scheme payments, as one among many companies that allow their online products or services to be purchased with Bitcoin.

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