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How to buy Cake Monster token 👻 👽

How to buy cake monster token
step :1 Download Binance app Trust wallet app
step :2 open Binance app Buy BNB token first
step :3 open trust wallet app click on receive after that click on smartchain
step :4 copy code of smart chain
step :5 paste code in binance app for withdraw BNB
step :6 once you receive bnb in smartchain add cake monster in trust wallet first visit and paste cake monster code in trust wallet and add token after that token showing up in trust wallet
step:7 scroll down in trust wallet and click dapps
step :8 search for pancakeswap click on Pancakeswap
step :9 click on connect wallet at top connect trust wallet with pancakeswap
step :10 click on Setting in left top corner then click on trade then exchange
step :11 select currency and paste same code which pasted before from
step :12 type amount you want to swap
step :13 approved congratulations 🎊 👏

Disclaimer: I am not a Financial Advisor any information is purely for entertainment purposes only any crypto mentioned in this video should not be considered recommendations please do your own research before investing in the Crypto market