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How To Make Money With Clash of Streamers PRPS Token (CoS)

Guide to cash out crypton in text format →

MetaMask download link →

Adding polygon to MetaMask information:
Network Name → Polygon
Chain ID → 137
Currency Symbol → MATIC
Block Explorer URL →

USDC (Polygon) string → 0x2791Bca1f2de4661ED88A30C99A7a9449Aa84174
PRPS (Polygon) string → 0x972999c58BbcE63a2e398d4ED3Bde414b8349eB3

PRPS to USDC exchange site →

Binance register link →

Money Making With CoS NFTs Video →

– Hi, I’m making a bunch of quick videos about Clash Of Streamers. I am one of the people that has worked on this game, so I have a lot of knowledge that I want to share and upload for the public to see.

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0:00 Intro
0:24 Binance → Polygon
1:24 2 Ways To Make Money
1:41 1. Have A Wallet Connected In The Game
2:14 2. Convert Crypton To PRPS
4:04 3. Download MetaMask
4:31 4. Add Polygon/Matic Network and Tokens To MetaMask
6:11 5. Convert PRPS To USDC
7:46 6. Send USDC To Binance
9:56 7. Convert USDC To USDT or EUR or Whatever You Need
11:12 Warning! Will Need 10 Or More USDC To Convert
11:27 Best Way To Cash Out Is For You To Decide 🙂
12:26 Setup Is Done! Will Be Faster Next Time!
12:54 Thank You! 🙂