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How to sell shares on EasyEquities | Selling EC10 Crypto Bundle Token| Market Order vs Limit Order

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⏱Time Line of Disinvestment On EasyEquities:
1. First transaction selling EC10 – 28 October 2021
2. Second transaction selling EC10 – 1 November 2021
3. Transaction 1 in available funds- 4 November 2021
4. Transaction 2 in available funds – 8 November 2021
5. Initiation of Transfer of funds from available funds to bank account – 14 November 2021
6. All funds reflecting in bank account- 16 November 2021 💰

In the over 1 year 8 months that I have been investing on EasyEquities this is officially the first time I’ve ever taken money out 🙈
Like I explained in the video, I wanted to disinvest this crypto asset to use the money for another investment not for consumption, I’m content with my decision and will definitely invest in it again. Remember to always make decisions that are financially smart and which you are content with, don’t get easily influenced, not even by me.


00:00 Intro & reason for disinvesting
01:01 Current value of my EasyEquities Portfolio
01:40 My EC10 Crypto Journey
03:43 Why Disinvest
04:57 When to Disinvest
05:47 Waiting Period: When the Funds will be Available
06:28 Screen Recording of process
07:33 Sell at best available bid (Market Order) & Sell at BID (Limit Order)
09:56 Settling funds immediately
10:15 What about my other Investments
10:39 Be Invested for the long term
11:15 Community Question: Tax implications when disinvesting.
12:26 Resources