How to write an essay? Tips to find inspiration

“You can’t sit still and wait for inspiration to come. You have to hunt it down with a club in your hand.” (Jack London)

No matter how much you love to write, sooner or later the day will come when you need inspiration. I don’t agree with those who claim that inspiration is such a distant and elusive state. Inspiration is just one part of being a creator. Many students find it hard to start writing coursework or an essay because they lack inspiration. Luckily, it is possible to pay for essays online. In this case, students don’t need to worry about the main idea, grammar, or structure.

Every writer needs to search for inspiration at one point. Sometimes it comes in the most unexpected ways.

I’ve made a compilation of my favorite sources of inspiration – some of which are pretty obvious, others not at all. It is helpful for any writer to have a “cheat sheet”.

Blogs. This is one of my favorite ways, of course. If you don’t count this blog (, there are several other great blogs about creative writing and everything else. I absolutely adore reading about things that help others – it inspires me to be proactive!

Books. And this one is a favorite. I have a few favorite authors, then I can borrow something from them, analyze their texts, and get inspired by their depth and style. Fiction is my favorite read, but in general, I enjoy everything. Do not read the same genre over and over again, try diving into something completely different. Books also extend your vocabulary.

Overheard Dialogue. If I’m in a crowded place, a park, a mall, or a workplace, sometimes I unwittingly overhear someone’s conversation. It doesn’t come out on purpose, I just try to be quiet and listen carefully. I love listening to other people’s conversations. If you happen to overhear a piece of someone else’s conversation, try to write it down briefly, and take at least a few notes. Try to do it as soon as possible. Real life moments can serve as great sources of inspiration for future works.

Magazines. Good magazines aren’t always full of great stories, essays, and sketches, but you can usually easily find at least one good article there – in the fiction or non-fiction genre. It can be truly inspiring if the author’s voice is unique, rhythm is pleasant, and the ideas – creative. Bad magazines, whose articles will not become role models, can also serve as sources of inspiration – there may be interesting stories or unexpected angles. In scientific magazines, you can find a lot of useful data for coursework.

Academic writing can go only so far, but to enhance your work you could also use video and creative animations in plain language to explain why your research matters.

Movies. Sometimes a movie character can suddenly say something that I say, “That thought could make a great blog post!” or “I’ll include a line like that in the text!” Sometimes screenwriters have great dialogue. Great camerawork can be inspiring, too – a beautifully taken close-up or a wonderful landscape.

Forums. When people write on forums, they rarely worry about style or beauty (there are exceptions, of course). Usually people spend time on forums to share some information or share an idea. The ideas from people of different cultural background can be life-changing. I’m not urging you to re-read tons of other people’s correspondence, but if you are looking for some information, you can look through a forum or two.

Art. In my experience, art is a great source of inspiration for a writer who wants to be inspired to do great things. Of course, it doesn’t compare to watching the original artwork, but you can always put an inspiring image on your computer desktop and just contemplate (I have Michelangelo’s Pieta on my desk right now). And it doesn’t have to be the classics – I’ve found inspiration in Japanese anime and performances by local artists in my town.

Music. Sounds and music are very inspiring for most people. You can choose anything from Mozart to RadioHead. Play music in the background, it will pick you up and carry you on waves of inspiration to future lyrics.

Friends. Interacting with friends – in real life or online – has inspired my best posts. My best short stories were written in a creative writing group during my college days (a great place to find such groups, by the way) because we read what we wrote to each other, critiqued, and made suggestions for changes. Other writers’ work inspired me to improve myself.

Quotes. I have no idea why this is, but quotes and aphorisms inspire me. I like to scour the Internet for different sites with quotes from the greats. Sometimes I find a phrase that tells me how I can change my language, it motivates me to improve myself.

Nature. No ideas? Get out of your room and go for a walk. Go straight to the closest park, or visit a forest, or lake nearby. Look around at the beauty around you and let the inspiration flow through you. Watch sunsets and sunrises, they can bring so much joy to your heart and soul. Anything that touches the water in one way or another – oceans, rivers, lakes, rain, even puddles – is delightful.

Story. This is going to sound corny, but great historical figures can inspire great accomplishments. Some of my inspirations include Benjamin Franklin, Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Helen Keller, and Leonardo da Vinci.

Travel. Whether it’s a round-the-world trip or a day trip to a neighboring town, an escape from a familiar place, new acquaintances, and customs can serve as a wonderful source of inspiration. Use new places as a new lens through which to look at the familiar world.

Children. I have three of them. And they are the best people in the world (this list also includes my wife, brothers, sisters, and parents) I love spending time with them, in silence, walking, or reading. We love to freak out too – when we play or have pillow fights. And all the time I spend with them, I try to record my thoughts and observations about life, people, and love. I assume that children, with their fresh perspective on the world, can change an adult’s whole way of thinking.

Working out. Better thoughts come while I’m running. The silence around me, the fast heart rate, the fresh air, nature – it stimulates the brain.

All these ways are great ways to attract your muse and get inspired. If you still struggle, you can contact the paper writing service reddit for support. Qualified writers have even more tips for excellent writing.