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HW News – AMD Zen Vulnerability, No More Blower, & Human Malware vs. PC Industry

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Hardware news this week includes on-the-ground reporting on the human malware conditions in Taiwan (and the US), AMD Zen vulnerabilities, and more.
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HW News show notes:

Topics this show include:

– Hardware industry and its handling of human malware, including what it’s like in Taiwan and the US (based on first-party information)
– AMD gets its own side-channel vulnerabilities and joins Intel
– NVIDIA apparently using TSMC’s new CoWoS for Ampere GPUs
– AMD shifting away from blowers and toward dual-axial coolers
– Intel is still sore about that antitrust fine
– ISPs remove data caps during human malware pandemic
– Folding@Home research

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Host, Reporting: Steve Burke
Editorial: Eric Hamilton
Video: Keegan Gallick

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