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HW News – Counterfeit AMD Coolers, Radeon Vulnerability Patch, Intel Earnings

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In this hardware news episode, we’re talking about the AMD GPU vulnerability patches, rumors about Intel price cuts, and counterfeit AMD Wraith coolers.
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Show notes:

Topics this show include:

– Linus’ bid on his own autograph, charity drive
– AMD patches four GPU vulnerabilities within its shader compiler for Radeon GPUs
– Intel reports record earnings, but sees a reduction in volume for some segments
– Opera is apparently preying upon people with questionable lending practices
– ASML expects to ship more EUV systems for 2020
– Intel might cut its prices in 2H 2020
– Intel pushing ATX12VO PSU specifications
– HPE expects Xeon shortages to endure all year
– Staying on Windows 7 costs Germany $887,000
– Fake AMD Wraith coolers


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Host: Steve Burke
Video: Josh Svoboda, Keegan Gallick
Editorial: Eric Hamilton

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