IAM Worldwide Review 2021: Expensive MLM Pyramid Scam?

Is IAM Worldwide legit or a scam? Read this review and find out.  

Isko Moreno. Piolo Pascual. Liza Soberano.

What do they have in common? Yes, they are celebrities, and they are brand ambassadors of IAM Worldwide Corporation too.

One of the company’s strategies is tapping celebrities and influencers to accelerate its growth.

And it works well. Within 3 years since it was founded, this MLM company has expanded its operations abroad.

Must be so profitable to invest your money here, right? Not really.   

IAM Worldwide Review Legit or Scam

Don’t give your money to the company without reading this IAM Worldwide ultimate review. If you are an OFW, this article is a must-read.

What is IAM Worldwide

IAM Worldwide is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) that operates in the health and wellness niche. The company’s flagship products are organic barley drinks and capsules, which according to them can help in the treatment and prevention of cancer.

IAM Worldwide claims that barley helps in treating cancer.

Fact checks.

However, its effect on cancer cells is yet to be clearly defined.” Source

This statement is not new to us. Claims that exaggerate product benefits are common among MLMs just to sell their BS stuff.   

Allen Marvin Yu Eder and Aika Lorraine Uy founded this networking company. We did a background check of these two and found that Eder was the president of the defunct The Filipino Dream (TFD) MLM.

Allen Marvin Eder President of TFD

Moreover, Uy was the top earner of the extinct networking company. Eder and Uy formed IAM Worldwide and joined by the other top earners of TFD.

Long story short, IAM Worldwide was born from the ashes of TFD MLM.

IAM Worldwide Products and Price

IAM Worldwide sells health supplements and beauty products. Below are the products list and their corresponding current prices:

  1. Amazing Pure Organic Barley Powdered Drink – Php1,000
  2. Amazing Pure Organic Barley Capsule- Php1,750
  3. Amazing Choco Barley Powdered Drink- Php1,000
  4. Amazing Coffee Mix with Glutathione- Php750
  5. Amazing Coffee Mix with Tongkat-Ali- Php750
  6. Amazing Cafe Latte with Barley and Alkaline- Php750
  7. Amazing Cafe Mocha with Barley and Alkaline- Php750
  8. Amazing Grape Juice with Garcinia Cambogia- Php900
  9. Scalar Energy Pendant- Php6000
  10. Awesome Organic Instant White Face Cream-Php2,500
  11. Awesome Organic Instant White Body Cream-Php1,750
  12. Awesome Organic Premium Soap-Php750
  13. Acai Berry Extract with Collagen and Bacopa Monnieri- Php1,400

Those products aren’t cheap. For instance, a box of coffee with 10 sachets costs Php750. A beauty soap is also priced at Php750.

In case you don’t know, MLM products are priced so high so that each level of distributor will get a commission once a product is sold.

We wonder if people who are not members of IAM Worldwide will buy these things. Certainly, those overpriced products won’t make you awesome and amazing.

Misleading Product Claims

Indeed, barley has several impressive benefits, however, there is not enough evidence that it can treat cancer. A testimonial that someone is cancer-free because she used to take barley is not conclusive proof.  

IAM Scalar Energy Pendant Product Claims

Also, there isn’t any credible scientific evidence that the energy pendant helps the body’s biofield to increase its power. Likewise, there is no evidence the same pendant helps the cells become more active and effective.

Baseless and false statements about the products violate the consumer law of the Philippines. MLM companies should take note of that.

How to Join in IAM Worldwide

To join IAM Worldwide and participate in their compensation plan, you must purchase an investment package.

This package is bundled with health and beauty products so that when an investor pays, the purchase will appear like a legitimate sale of goods.

The lowest package is priced at Php5,873 while the highest cost Php207,964.79. The complete investment packages the company is selling is listed below:

  1. Copper- Php5,873
  2. Bronze- Php11,731
  3. Silver 2.0- Php17,600
  4. Gold- Php46,877
  5. Platinum-Php117,170
  6. Jade-Php207,964.79

Upgrading a package from Copper to Platinum is easy. Just pay the difference and you’re done. If you want to upgrade to platinum, you need to pay the whole amount.

IAM Worldwide isn’t cheap, right?

If you can’t afford it, one of its promoters suggested that you can use your credit card or sell something to buy the Jade package. So, you will not miss the opportunity later on.

Compensation Plan

The bread and butter of any MLM company; compensation plan. There are several ways to make money with IAM Worldwide.

One of the company’s earners, who was also a promoter of TFD, presented the detailed compensation plan.

To summarize in brief, here is the company’s compensation plan:

  1. Daily Retail Sales- Get 50% profit selling products to retail customers.
  2. Direct Referral Commission- Earn a product package commission every time you enroll a new independent distributor. The commission is dependent on the product package availed.
Direct Commission at at IAM Worldwide
  1. Sales Match Commission- Make money from every point of product package you’ve sold personally or anyone under group. Income may vary depending on the package availed and rank position with a corresponding safety net.
  2. Infinity Commission- Earn from all the First Two packages starting from your 3rd direct wholesaler onwards. The commission varies based on the package you availed, rank, or upgrade.
  3. Give Me 5 Commission- Exclusive to Silver 2.0, Gold, Platinum, and Jade. Just sell 5 Silver 2.0 packages and you’ll get Php15,000 as a GIVE ME 5 bonus.
  4.  Just 4 You Commission- Exclusive to Gold, Platinum, and Jade. Sell 4 same product packages and you’ll earn Just 4 You bonus amounting to Php40,000, Php100,000, and Php200,000 for Gold, Platinum, and Jade packages.
  5. Other Ways to Earn- Unilevel Commission, Residual Sales Match Commission, and Unilevel Leadership Commission

Is IAM Worldwide Legit or Scam

We believe IAM Worldwide is a scam. Its compensation plan focuses mainly on recruiting new investors to buy investment packages.

These packages are marketed and sold to the public with a promise of guaranteed returns, incentives, and bonuses.

Once you get a new investor, you’ll get a portion of their payment as your commission and the rest goes to the people above you.

A member or investor may opt to sell or consume the products. However, IAM Worldwide and its top promoters cannot deny the fact that their primary source of profit came from the investment of new members.

Its business model looks like a pyramid scheme.

In addition, we believe that the scheme used by the company satisfies the elements of an investment contract.  

Hence, the company must have a secondary license and register the investment to the SEC before it is offered to the public. If none of these requirements have complied, IAM Worldwide is selling the investment package illegally.

Review Conclusion

Stay away from IAM Worldwide Corporation. We believe it’s a scam because its business model looks like a pyramid scheme.

Profit in this company came primarily from the investment of new members. Packages are bundled with products to make it appear like there is a legitimate sale when a new investor joins.

People who make a lot of money from this scheme are the founders and the top promoters. They make money at the expense of poor downlines.

Also, we believe the scheme used by the subject satisfied the elements of investment. Thus, it must comply with the requirements of the securities law.

What can you say about this IAM Worldwide review? Share it in the comment section below.  

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30 thoughts on “IAM Worldwide Review 2021: Expensive MLM Pyramid Scam?”

  1. Distributor na ako ng IAM Worldwide and I decided to join because I want to have a solution for my heart enlargement problem. Hopefully it will works for my health condition and that’s the only time I encourage anyone to give it a try. Remember the most important thing in life is our health and money is a second essential material thing only.

  2. Come to think of it we are all consumers, in my own personal opinion, i think it is also about the products that they are selling, as long as the products their selling is approved by the FDA and legal, why not. There are so many products in the market also available right now same like Healh and Wealhness, Herbal and food supplements etc. If you can earn something from purchasing or availing products like with them why not? You buy an herbal supplements in normal store you get only the products and purchasing herbal supplements from this networking business like this at least there’s a chance of earning something,

  3. It is a pyramid scheme,,it’s just legal because it has products. Also, you will not earn from selling the product,,because it’s very expensive. The money comes from recruiting people. There are guidelines how to spot pyramid scheme if you will search it. Also, I’ve watched some anti MLM videos on YouTube. Some of them are ex-MLMers, sharing why you shouldn’t join MLM.

  4. Hello!

    I wouldn’t say that IAMWorldwide is a scam. Their barley is really great though. It helps and boosts my dad immune system because synthetic medicine doesn’t work for him anymore, and his body only accepts organic superfoods. Plus, it also neutralizes my blood sugar. God bless everyone!

    Thanks for your inputs! I respect your thoughts and opinion.

      • It is a pyramid scheme. Try to see the red flags. There are guidelines how to spot a pyramid scheme. With the system of the business, everyone will not succeed, even if you work 24/7.

    • It is a pyramid scheme,,it’s just legal because it has products. Also, you will not earn from selling the product,,because it’s very expensive. The money comes from recruiting people. There are guidelines how to spot pyramid scheme if you will search it. Also, I’ve watched some anti MLM videos on YouTube. Some of them are ex-MLMers, sharing why you shouldn’t join MLM. They shared the experiences they had when they were still active networkers.

    • It is a pyramid scheme,,it’s just legal because it has products. Also, you will not earn from selling the product,,because it’s very expensive. The money comes from recruiting people. There are guidelines how to spot pyramid scheme if you will search it. Also, I’ve watched some anti MLM videos on YouTube. Some of them are ex-MLMers, sharing why you shouldn’t join MLM.

      • If you think Iam worldwide is a scam then why you don’t go to court and file a case? Or are you just insecure because the opportunity is not intended for you?

        • ahahahahahaha nice logic you got there, like just call them a hater because you don’t have anything sensible to counter his claims. also, do you know how expensive it is to file a lawsuit? it ain’t that easy you know.

    • It’s legit because the company has products, but you not earn from selling. You will earn from recruiting and if you don’t recruit,no money.

  5. I think it is a pyramid scheme. I watched videos about how to spot pyramid scheme on YouTube. I saw all the red flags.

  6. You know what Guys , We are legit company !
    Networking makes a lot of people -Millionaire.

    if you wanted to know more about us you can search online or if you are interested to join with us Just reach me out !!

    (email deleted)

    It will be my pleasure to assist you !

    • Lol. Are you kidding? Math is math. Only the top promoters in MLM make money? Evidence? Read this study published in FTC website..
      FYI. Only 1% make money in your pyramid MLM. That means, 99% lose money in your so called business opportunity. If you think that the numbers are wrong, send us the exact numbers of distributors or members in your company and the exact figures of who is earning and who isn’t.

  7. i search online legal business to invest my money,but many of their offer is good.but in my side theres a doubt until i open your website and i learned a lot to aware me about scammers business online..can you help me to find legal business online to invest my money?

    • You can join IAMWORLDWIDE because it’s a super legit company. I can assure you of that . Mr Raffy Tulfo is one of the ambassador of IAMWORLDWIDE.

      • Well,,Mr. Tulfo is paid for it, but it’s not enough proof that the company is not a pyramid scheme. You are paying celebrities, to gain more prospects.actually, since they already paid celebrities to endorse the products, there’s no need to recruit more distributors.

  8. Why does MLM company reviews on the internet always give scam feedback in the end?
    Honestly, MLM companies that offer products or products that you can sell on hand cannot be called a scam. First thing first, the product that you have can earn you back the money that you invested in the company. It is like having a retail business and that MLM company will serve as your supplier. You can earn without inviting any people to join that company by selling their products.
    I really think that not many people really know the difference between business and investment.

    Please don’t get me wrong because I am not part of this company (IAM Worldwide) at all but I know how business works.
    I also research the products that they sell, it says that it is FDA certified and they have this video on youtube where their products and manufactured. Lastly, I don’t think that those celebrities that they have will sacrifice their names for a scam company. Even the famous Filipino model in Paris is one of their ambassadors, and also the Filipino pride in Boxing became their ambassador. I am located in the Philippines and if you know the variety show aired every afternoon in the Philippines which is Eat Bulaga, one of their sponsors is IAM Worldwide.
    That is why when I found the conclusion of the review, I was shocked that it was labeled as a scam company.

    I meant no offense to others by my perspective. 😀

    • Thanks for your inputs!

      An MLM is usually a scam when;

      1. It is recruitment-based- when you join an MLM that focuses mainly on recruitment and not on the actual sale of products, that is a pyramid scheme (a prohibited practice no matter where your country is)
      2. The compensation plan satisfies the elements of an investment contract but has not complied the requirements of the SRC and other investment rules and regulations. An investment contract according to the Amended Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of Securities and Regulations Code (R.A. No. 8799), is a transaction or scheme whereby a person invests his money in a common enterprise. Then, he is led to expect profits primarily from the efforts of others. Just read this FTW CDO issued by SEC so you will have a better understanding on how an MLM company becomes a seller of an investment contract.

      Scam means, according to the Cambridge dictionary;

      an illegal plan for making money, especially one that involves tricking people.

      FDA certifications, appearance in Eat Bulaga, or endorsements of any celebrities will not make an MLM legal.

    • Mr. Raffy tulfo who hates scammers is also one of IAM Worldwide ambassador. IAM worldwide Corp is a very much legit. Maybe the one who posted this review is a scammer that’s why he hates legit company 😆😆😆 sorry for my grammar✌️✌️✌️

      Kung ang ibang MLM ay ipinapa tulfo , c IAM worldwide nman ay kasama c Tulfo😊😆😁 Matakot n kyong naninira kay IAMWORLDWIDE 😃


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