Ideal Prime Ventures International Review: Legit or Scam?

Are you interested in joining Ideal Prime Ventures International? Read this review first.

Ideal Prime Ventures International Scam or Legit

The company’s promotional lines are quoted below:

“Are you happy being an employee? Is it ok for you to work 8-10 hours a day?

Is your salary enough to finance your expenses at home?

Do you like to spend the rest of your life working and paying the bills?

Not anymore.

With Ideal Prime Ventures International, you can have your dream car, house and lot, and pay your debts.

You can earn passive income.”

Surely, promises like that will entice you to join the business opportunity as promoted to you.

However, are you not wondering if Ideal Prime Ventures International is legit? What are its products?

Do you think you can make money out of selling e-loads and wellness products?

We are glad because you did your research before investing in Ideal Prime Ventures International.

We did this review for you to decide whether this promoted Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business is worth your money.

So, keep reading.

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Company Profile

Ideal Prime Ventures International is an MLM company that engages in the distribution of all kinds of prepaid loads, beauty, health and wellness products and franchising. (Source)

The company says it is ISO certified; the first and only MLM company in the Philippines with ISO 9001: 2015 certification.

It bills itself as the fastest growing MLM and the top choice for telco franchising business.

It looks like you found the perfect MLM, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, these are unsupported statements. We cannot find a reliable proof that these were true.

Exaggerated claims are common among MLMs.

See how AIM Global, Paysbook and Salveo World promote their firms. You will notice most of them will say they are the best of the best.

There is nothing new in Ideal Prime Ventures International.  In fact, its products are not unique.

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Products and Services

Ideal Prime Ventures International sells prepaid load and wellness products.

These are not exceptional. The reality is you can buy similar items in supermarkets or convenience stores at lower prices.

Where can you buy prepaid loads? Anywhere.

Load Central powers the company’s prepaid loading service. So, why pay the membership fee of Php3,998 when joining with Load Central is free?

Thanks to our reader. We were informed that you can start a free e-loading business using the Paymaya app.

Try it. It’s definitely free.

Ideal Prime Ventures wellness offerings are papaya soap and coffee mix. Not so unique right?

Very common indeed.

MLMs often abused health products with exaggerated claims like that below.

Ideal Prime Ventures International Review Products

Is there any demand for these products?

Sadly, there is none. Why would you buy those items when you can have it in the market at lower prices?

Unless you are buying the opportunity to make money, you probably would.

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If you want to join, you’ll have to pay the registration fee. After which, you’ll receive products as part of the package you have purchased.

Well, that may look like a legitimate sale, but we believe it is just a cover-up to hide its illegal activity from the authorities.

What do you think people are buying from Ideal Prime Ventures International?

It’s the compensation plan. And that is your motive in reading this article.

How to Make Money with Ideal Prime Ventures International

Like any other MLMs, Ideal Prime Ventures sells the idea of becoming rich.

After paying the starter package worth P3,998.00, you will become a member and can participate in its compensation plan.

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10 Ways to Earn with Ideal Prime Ventures International

  1. You can earn Php200 for every number registered as your retailer.
  1. You can get up to 25% discounts on prepaid loads and 25%-50% discount on all the company’s products.
  1. You can receive 2% for every prepaid load product sold by your retailer.
  1. You can have Php500 as direct referral bonus when you recruit someone.
  1. You can make Php500 as pairing bonus for every pair on left and right team.
  1. Earn 10% of the total income on pairing bonus of your direct referral.
  1. Get a commission of 10% on product purchase of your 1st level and 5% from 2nd up to the 10th
  1. Earn the difference up to 30% as a career ladder bonus based on the rank.
  1. Have a royalty bonus of 3% of the group sales points from all your direct referrals with Platinum rank.
  1. If you have 2,000 Ideal Point, you can get 5% based on the company’s annual income.

Do you want to buy Ideal Prime’s compensation plan? Read the next section before you do.

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Is Ideal Prime Ventures International a Scam?

Ideal Prime Ventures International is a pyramid scheme. Hence, it’s a scam.


Its products and services offered are not unique. Besides you can buy similar items anywhere on the web and any retail outlets.

Do you think the public will buy prepaid loads from you? Do you think you can sell those overpriced exaggerated wellness products?

A big NO.

What Ideal Prime Ventures International is selling is its compensation plan. The compensation plan that relies primarily on the recruitment of new downlines.

The payment from the new affiliates becomes the income of their uplines and the company itself. Also, the value of the package you will receive is below compared to the amount you paid for.

FYI, joining with Load Central is free. So why would you pay P3,998 in Ideal Prime?

If you join this MLM company, you will turn your effort to recruit more people under you. That way, you can make a lot of money from your downlines.

If the members stop recruiting, the scheme will inevitably fall.

In a product-based pyramid scheme like Ideal Prime Ventures International, income is mostly paid to people on top of the structure.

Additionally, we believe Ideal Prime is selling an unregistered investment. Hence, it should be subject to SEC laws, rules and regulations.

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Final Thoughts on Ideal Prime Ventures International

We are warning you to avoid Ideal Prime Ventures International at all cost.

It’s a product-based pyramid scheme. The income of the company comes from the registration fee of the new members.

When you buy the starter package, part of your payment goes to your uplines.

When you don’t sponsor people under you, you won’t make money. That is because it relies primarily on the entry of new members.

What will happen if the members stop recruiting? Ideal Prime will disappear.

That will occur since its products are not marketable after all.

We hope you find this review helpful.

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